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iMahal suggests:

  1. V.Suresh's Homepage - page with information about myself
  2. V.V. Singh's Cyber Glory - solve VSNL TCP/IP problems, check out Indian resources on the web and more
  3. Vaibhav Dugar's Page - personal page with pictures & links
  4. Vamsee Tirukkala - doing masters in Mechanical Engineering .
  5. Vamsi's Page - about myself and links to interesting sites
  6. Varghese Joseph's Homepage - personal homepage with some job related links
  7. Varun Chatterji - many useful links for budding sci-fi writers.
  8. Varun Parekh - contains pictures of coins
  9. Varun's Page - jikes, lyrics, shayari, personal information etc.
  10. Venkat Ramana
  11. Venkata's Homepage - contains links to various Indian newspapers in Telugu and English.
  12. Venkatram - personal page
  13. Venkat's Homepage - about myself and links to science related sites
  14. Venkat's Homepage - about myself, my resume and links to interesting sites
  15. Vibhaw Arya's Home Page - I am a graduate of Clarkstown High School South, NY.
  16. Vibhu Bansal - personal page with information on Kajol & Manisha Koirala
  17. Vijai Karthik - personal home page
  18. Vijay Anand Murugappan
  19. Vijay Anand Verma - an alumnus from University of Roorkee and IIM, Ahmedabad.
  20. Vijay Bhanu's World - About myself, India and Kerala
  21. Vijay Kamath - personal page with personality test, personal information etc.
  22. Vijay Kumar Bansal - personal home page
  23. Vijay Sharma - movies, songs, religion and other info.
  24. Vijay - information about me and some interesting links too.
  25. Vijaya's Page - a page about us and links to Indian and Tamil related sites
  26. Vijayasingham Sivashankar - personal home page with links to Tamil movies, music, recipies etc.
  27. Vijay's Page - contains links to search engines and some of the best sites on the net
  28. Vikas Chandra's Home - my site has it all.
  29. Vikas Thakur's Desi Land - personal page with links to Indian news, music etc.
  30. Vikas - Links to search,movies,music,games,greetings and casinos.
  31. Vikash Kumar - information on me and a variety of other topics.
  32. Vikram Gupta's cool links - check out my cool links
  33. Vikram Makkar's Home Page
  34. Vikram's page - giving some details about me and my friends
  35. Vikrant - personal home page
  36. Vikrant's page - setup specially for friends of mine
  37. Vimal Kumar Varun - resources on patents, Government sites, information on science & technology
  38. Vimal's Page - links to Hindu religion info, Tamil music etc.
  39. Vinay Arvind - personal homepage
  40. Vinay P Jain - featuring music, freebies, search and other links.
  41. Vinayak D Bhat's - predoctoral candidate in biomedical engineering at Duke Univ
  42. Vinayak's Home on the Net - contains personal information, pictures, wallpapers and graphics
  43. Vinayak's Home - contains wallpapers, pics, landscapes and personal information
  44. Vinay's World
  45. Vindo's page - techniek links, penpal links
  46. Vineet Mohan's Page - personal information, photos, hobbies, list of sites etc.
  47. Vineet Sahula - personal home page
  48. Vineet's Pad
  49. Vinitha - personal home page
  50. Vinit's World - my personal details, my interests,ghazals
  51. Vinod Kothari's Homepage - an excellent educational resource on equipment leasing and hire purchase
  52. Vinod's page - a personal page closer to Singapore, Kerala
  53. Vipul Chandra - personal information and India related links.
  54. Vipul - personal page
  55. Vipul's net den - some Indian links
  56. Viren Vora's Homepage - information on various topics, downloadable Gujarati and Indian fonts
  57. Viru's World - news, food, politics and culture of India
  58. Vishal Khapre - personal home page
  59. Vishal Kohli - homepage and picture gallery of a photographer
  60. Vishal Mistry's Home Page - Indian music links in real audio and MP3 format also, links to cars, etc.
  61. Vishal Pipraiya - free downloads ranging from celebrity papers, logo screens, jokes, etc.
  62. Vishal - personal page of Vishal, model from Chandigarh
  63. Vishal's Cool Page - features Backstreet Boys, Shania Twain, Spice Girls etc.
  64. Vishal's Home Page - about myself,qualifications,experience,services,free stuff
  65. Vishal's Homepage - featuring news from Gujrat and more.
  66. Vishal's Page
  67. Vishwanath Kanagal - info-links about news,music,movie,sports and more.
  68. Vispi Homi Bulsara - lots of links to resources related to India and Indians.
  69. Vivek Adlakha
  70. Vivek Dhage - copywriter and graphic designer.
  71. Vivek Dua - telecommunication know how & entertainment with few pics of heroines.
  72. Vivek Sharma - information and links to literature and culture of North India.
  73. Vivek's Free Services - Vivek's personal page providing web desiging, Java, VRML, Active x, etc.
  74. vivek's Homepage - homepage of S.Vivekanand
  75. Vivraji Sundararaman - about India, Tamil, classical dance and music, media, etc.
  76. Vrajesh patel - listen to the new, old, and remix songs from Hindi movies.

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