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  1. M Rajesh's Web - lots of links to India Related sites
  2. M Ravindra Choudary's page - a personal page with links to various Telugu, Andhra sites
  3. M. Jagdish - all about Pune marathon
  4. M. Qasim Zaidi - information, articles and jokes related to Aligarh Muslim University.
  5. M.K. Hussain - personal info, animated pictures, links to news, cricket, movies etc.
  6. Mada mohan Mukoti - link to indian news and films news
  7. Madadi, Dheeraj - I am a grad student in computing science from India.
  8. Made In India
  9. Madhava Krishna's cuber Space - an engineer, who is currently in Y2K projects.
  10. Madhavi Gajria - visit to know more about me!! my resume, job ...
  11. Madhuri Pix - webpage of Manjeera Patnaik with images of the actress
  12. Maestro's Archive - collection of Ilayaraja songs by Balaji
  13. Magnificent India - information on history, culture, economy, government, etc.
  14. Mahadev Desai's Page - transcript on Gita according to Gandhi
  15. Maharajee's World - check out my page
  16. Mahesh Devani's Page - myself, my resume,my job etc
  17. Mahesh Iyer - a Mumbai based web designer specialising in Shockwave Flash 3, HTML etc.
  18. Mahesh K. Jagannath's Cyber Home
  19. Mahesh Mithran - personal home page
  20. Mahesh Nair's Page - personal page with information on Kerala
  21. Mahesh Shantaram's Home - collection of a wide range of information
  22. Mahesh Sharma - chess,cricket, games,news and other interesting sites.
  23. Makrand Zalkikar's Home Page - information and articles on rafting in the river Trisuli.
  24. Malayalee Enterprise - web page of a group of friends that live in NY
  25. Malayalees Net Homepage - webring for all Kerala/Malayalam websites
  26. Malkit Singh - personal page of the artiste
  27. Maneesh Agarwal - links to signal processing sites, wireless communication, cartoons etc.
  28. Maneesh Pandey - images of Tom & Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto & Goofy
  29. Maneesh's Homepage - personal page with links hindi movie songs
  30. Manik Prabhu's Page - about myself and links to entertainment, computers, sports related sites
  31. Manikandan's Home Page
  32. Manish Chowdhary - I am an MBA student at IIM Bangalore.
  33. Manish Jethani - his hobbies, preferences, plans, news, articles, knowledge, software
  34. Manish Joshi - personal page with resume & personal details
  35. Manish Makhan - fresh graduate chemical engineer looking for openings.
  36. Manish Malik - personal home page with Indian links, software links, message board etc.
  37. Manish Patel's Homepage - about myself, music links and other Indian sites
  38. Manish Purohit - a student at the university of arizona, links to news..
  39. Manish Shah
  40. Manish's Computing Page - personal page with information on India, GRE, TOEFL, SGSTIS etc.
  41. Manish's HomePage - links to the major sites of the world.
  42. Manish's Homepage - My photographs, some favorite links.
  43. Manish's Page - about myself and links to the best sites on the net
  44. Manish's Space
  45. Manivannan's Homepage - about me, info about India, Tamil Nadu, movies and songs etc.
  46. Manivasagam - about coimbatore and news links.
  47. Manoj Kumar .R - personal information and links of interest.
  48. Manoj Kumar - pesonal homepage
  49. Manoj Mohanan Maliakkal - personal page with pictures
  50. Manoj Punwani's Profile - life of Manoj Punwani, his heritage and family
  51. Manoj Varkey - personal page with resume, photos & jokes
  52. Manoj's Website
  53. Mansoor's Homepage - collection of Aishwarya pics and a bunch of good links.
  54. Manu Kaushish - about my friends, internet projects, web links and work resume
  55. Manu Kaushish's Page
  56. Manuel Fernandes Page - about me,links to sites on Washington
  57. Mark Freeman's Bangalore Page - personal photographs, maps, weather reports and related links
  58. Mary's Hut - a post-graduate in Microbiology from Bangalore University.
  59. Mathur Family Page - personal website of Nitin Mathur
  60. Maulik Shah - personal page
  61. Mavs's Music Links - real audio & video, Mp3s of Hindi, Telugu & Tamil songs
  62. Maxen's Home Page
  63. Maxxmo's Page - about me, my family, my friends and other interesting links.
  64. Maya Menon - personal page of a Bharatnatyam dancer cum dance teacher
  65. Mayank Gupta - information on maths, sports and India and its culture.
  66. Mayank's Hindi Lyrics Page - contains lyrics of Hindi & English songs
  67. Mayank's Net Home - about myself and links to some cool sites
  68. mayur's mind - see colors of my mind. enjoy lots of pictures, stories, my resume etc.
  69. Mehdi's page
  70. Mehul DSD page - information on data storage devices
  71. mighty mike - desi pics, links on india, chat,etc..
  72. Mihir Gandhi's Page - links to sports, entertainment, animations and stuff about myself
  73. Mihir Sambhus - computer science student at Rhodes university
  74. Milan Sheth's Homepage - Providing service
  75. Milind's Homepage - links, jokes, comics, photo album, quiz and guestbook
  76. Minesh Thakkar - about me and lots of links.
  77. Mir Khan's Page - includes desi songs, jokes, bollywood stuff and info about myself
  78. MM Raja - features personal information.
  79. Mohammed Ahsan Ahmed - personal page with bollywood links
  80. Mohammed Shahid - personal home page with informatioin on Islam
  81. Mohan Raju - personal page with information about Canada
  82. Mohan's Home Page - contains resources for Delphi and Java programmers and more.
  83. Mohan's Homepage - Bhagwad Gita in English & Kannada, links to Bhagwan Shri Ramana Maharshi
  84. Mohan's Page - list of sites for news, movies, music, entertainment etc.
  85. Mohinder's Home Page - lots of links to cool sites
  86. Mohit Agrawal - information about me, family, biodata etc.
  87. Mohit Bansal - personal home page
  88. Mohit Jaggi - personal home page with India related links
  89. Mohit Sharma - contains information on aircrafts, aviation etc.
  90. Mohit's Homepage - links to movies, friends and other site.
  91. Mona's Home - about myself and links to cool sites
  92. Mrinal's Home - know all my likes and dislikes here.
  93. Mrityunjay's page
  94. Mrs. Rao's Page - about myself and links to Indian and Bangalore related sites
  95. Mukesh Nakra
  96. Mukul, Malay - a structural geologist with earth science related links.
  97. Mumbaikar's Cyberhome - information about mumbai.
  98. Munish - a personal web page.
  99. Murthy's Homepage - contains personal details, photographs and about Bangalore
  100. Muthukumar - page with some tamil links.
  101. My Abode - it covers various topics on India , Karnataka and dances.
  102. My first homepage - a few jokes and famous quotes.
  103. My Home Page - wedding pictures of Ruchi

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