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  1. P.Ramakrishnan's Homepage - about myself, information on sports, movies and music
  2. Padmalekha - personal page with Hindi songs, quotes, travel tips & movies
  3. Padmanabhuni's Cyber Abode - devoted to India and Net surfing.
  4. Page of Sanjeev Sabhlok
  5. Pahladsingh Clan - genealogical site of the Pahladsingh
  6. Pal,Inder - about lndia, songs, movies
  7. Palani Kumar - tamil songs, chat and software links.
  8. Palavilayil Thomas Panicker's Home
  9. Pallav Nawani - chess programming, list of Indian sites & search engines etc.
  10. Pancham Audio Clips - collection of R D Burman audio clips.
  11. Pandaa's Homepage - page about myself and other topics
  12. Pankaj Oudhia - photographs of insects & allelopathic plants & his research activities
  13. Parag Desai - photo gallery, friends and favorite links.
  14. Parag Sane
  15. Param's Homepage - featuring music, links and more.
  16. Paresh Patel's Homepage - know little about me, see my pics, some jokes, stories, cool links and more
  17. Paresh's Domain - links to interesting sites on the net
  18. Paresh's World - about India, Bollywood, links, songs, personal details etc.
  19. Parimal - Parimal's BharatNatyam dancepage, articles, photo album
  20. Parinaz's Home - about myself, my friends, bollywood and more
  21. Pari's Cyberworld - about myself and picture galleries of bollywood actresses
  22. Paritosh Page - about myself and links to India related and other cool sites
  23. Parth's Dome - cool wallpapers free, art pics and links
  24. Parvinder - the bhangra and desi dance music page.
  25. Paurav's webpage - pictures of bollywood stars, lot of cool links and much more
  26. Pavan's Page - links to indian trade,business etc.
  27. Pawan Uberoy's Page - my resume, university, friends and cool links on the net
  28. Payal Chawda - a female model on the internet.
  29. Pearl - personal home page with Hindi poems, paintings etc.
  30. Peekay's home on the Net - about myself, favorite links, photo album
  31. Pen Pals - this site is exclusively made for pen pals
  32. Personal Data - Raghuram, graduate student in Physics
  33. Pinay Playa'z page - about myself,information,photos,music,games,chat room etc
  34. Pinkesh's Homepage - About myself,my resume
  35. Piyush Gandhi - pics, links and other bollywood stuff.
  36. Piyush Gandhi's page - Aishwarya Rai and other beauties
  37. Piyush Mishra's Home Page - contains personal memorabilia and photos
  38. Piyush - personal homepage
  39. Planet Amar - free stuff, education times, job search, bollywood etc.
  40. Poovannan Rajendran's Homepage - about myself and my resume
  41. Prabakar's Page - full details of homestays in India.
  42. Prabhjot Gill's India Page - Indian links to Sikhism, government, jokes, bollywood and travel
  43. Pradeep Hari's Homepage - a page with fun stuff
  44. Pradeep Rawat - personal page of Pradeep Rawat.
  45. Pradeep Selvakumar's Homepage - about myself, my family, cartoons, poetry etc.
  46. Pradeep's website - About myself,links to Bollywood sites,music,greetin cards et
  47. Prakash Hemdev on the web - comprehensive collection of links
  48. Prakash Mathrani - graduate from the University of Poona.
  49. Prakash Punj - featuring information on Lotus Notes, collection of Indian links etc.
  50. Praks Home page - portfolio and design, downloads, cgi, java etc.
  51. Pralay Sikdar's Page - profile of a software project manager
  52. Prasad's Homepage - contains information on limb-girdle muscular dystrophy
  53. Prasanna Sunkara - featuring links to other site.
  54. Prasanna's Home Page - electronic, company, humor, Perl & Java links
  55. Prashant Gupta's Page - personal data,cool links, cricket page
  56. Prashant H. Pandya - personal homepage
  57. Prashant M. Pathak - personal information and links to visit.
  58. Prashant Nayak - personal site with links for clipart, GIF, animation etc.
  59. Prashant S Jain - a web administrator .
  60. Prashant Saraswat's Page - a collection of links and pictures of bollywood actresses
  61. Prashant Yashpal - provide you with as many facilities as possible for free.
  62. Prashanth Narayanan - beauties pics... Aishwariya Rai, Susmtia Sen, etc.
  63. Prashant's Home Page - contains pictures of Bollywood actresses
  64. Prateek's Planet - personal page with links, pictures & personal details
  65. Prateek's Songs Pages - collection of film songs, ghazals etc.
  66. Pratik Chandra Roy - about me and my friends.
  67. Pratik's World - a collection of my favourite links
  68. Pratim Guha Biswas's Shareware Page - contains bitmap viewers, text editors and Windows applications
  69. Pratim's Homepage - about myself and lots of links to other sites
  70. Pratim's Javascripts - personal page with Javascripts
  71. Pratul Kant's Homepage - about myself and collection of links to some cool sites
  72. Praveen Gupta - about school, college, company and more.
  73. Praveen's Home - click on...... to know a little more.
  74. Praveen's Homepage - links to favourite music & search engine sites
  75. Praveen's India page - lots of links to Indian magazines,jokes,movies,cricket etc
  76. Praveen's World - info on flowers, telecom, search engines etc.
  77. Pravesh's Homepage - contains ribticklers, cool links and lots more
  78. Pravin Sonawane - links to missiles, weapons, ammunition, rockets, warplanes, aviation etc.
  79. Pravir's Home Page - about myself and links to cool sites
  80. Prem & Sajni - personal home page with links to news & information
  81. Prem Kumar Mishra - include personal info and job links.
  82. Premanand's page
  83. Premika's Page - featuring love, romance, virtual cards, gifts, valentines day and more.
  84. Prem's Little Corner - about me and my world.
  85. Prianka Nandy - all about me and interesting list of links.
  86. Prianka Shah - I am a graphic designer by hobby and design custom web pages
  87. Priya and Suresh's Page - about us and links to India related sites
  88. Priya and Suresh's Page - about us and links to India related sites
  89. Priya Kumar Bradfield - personal page
  90. Priya Raj - website devoted to cartooning and lampooning.
  91. Priyanka's Home Page - about myself and links to movies, music, fashion etc.
  92. Priyank's Domain - personal information, photos, hobbies, list of sites etc.
  93. Professor Senani's Homepage - all about myself
  94. Proud Indian Webring - a ring that connects all Indian homepages on the net
  95. Pulkit' Page - information on entertainment, music, news, games, software etc.
  96. Pulumati's page
  97. Puneet Badam On-The-Net - personal page with travel pictures, jokes, cards, photographs and more
  98. Puneet Gulati - personal information and more.
  99. Puneet Mehras' Web - about myself, my family, my jaan and pictures in oz
  100. Puneet's Mahal

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