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iMahal suggests:

  1. Action for Agricultural Renewal in Maharashtra
  2. Association Of Students in Economics and Management(AIESEC)
  3. Ashraya -Bangalore
  4. Association of Voluntary Blood Donors -Calcutta
  5. Association of Youth for A Better India -Mumbai
  6. Bachpan
  7. Bangalore Amateur Radio Club(HAM)
  8. Blue Cross Society of Pune
  9. Bombay Leprosy Project
  10. Bombay YMCA
  11. Bhumikanya -Organisation of village tribal women of Bihar.
  12. Give Blood Away
  13. Humanist Party
  14. IAIC Adoption Links
  15. Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR)
  16. Indians Adopting Indian Children
  17. Mahatma Gandhi Mission
  18. Multicultural Graffiti
  19. Nalamdana - Tamilnadu
  20. Non-Governmental Organisations ( NGO ) in India
  21. Pratham -Mumbai
  22. VSEI -Volunteers in Service to Education in India, Inc.

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