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  1. B R Singh's Homepage - contains personnel info and free softwares page.
  2. B Suresh Krishna's netspace - just my home page. I graduated from AIIMS.
  3. B.G. Mahesh - information on careers, media, travel, finance, and other useful resources.
  4. B.M.Chebbi's World - information on technology, culture, media in India with personal resume
  5. Baadal's Page! - dedicated to bollywood and other india related sites.
  6. Babbloo's Page - my personal homepage
  7. Badhrinath - know more about me, my family, my likings etc.
  8. Bala's Website - contains lots of cool links and info about my company
  9. Bangalore Walla Namaskara - Ron's home page on British Colonial Bangalore.
  10. Bankim's Page - about myself, my school, my city and my country
  11. Banwari Saha - featuring his resume.
  12. Barjinder Bal's Homepage - links of many programming languages and much more
  13. Basu's 2nd Soul - sound bytes, pictures, info on CDs featuring Joy Basu
  14. Beethin's Page - personal page for Jagjit Singh Fan Club.
  15. Beven's Page On Jesus - personal page dedicated to Jesus Christ
  16. Bhagavandas Arya - personal page of a Vaastu consultant
  17. Bhagirath - personal page with software related links
  18. Bhagwat Shah's Page - information on festivals, culture, jokes and my resume
  19. Bharat Maro Desh Che - by Ramesh.
  20. Bharat's Malayalam Cinema Page - personal page with information on Malayalam cinema & stars
  21. Bhaskar - personal home page
  22. Bhaskar Peddhapati - featuring pictures, resume, entertainment and more.
  23. Bhaskar - senior software engineer in Wipro-Infotech, Bangalore.
  24. Bhaskar's Home Page - you can find lot of links from here.
  25. Bhaskar's Homepage - about myself, info about India and help for UNIX users
  26. Bhaskar's Shania Twain Site - Shania Twain's pictures, biography, lyrics and midis
  27. Bhavaraju's Kingdom - India related page with information on computers
  28. Bhavesh - personal home page
  29. Bhavesh - personal page
  30. Bhavesh Rangeele´s Homepage - be always colorful and enjoy your wonderful stay.
  31. Bhavik's Homepage - personal information, photographs, jokes & links
  32. Bhavik's Web - about myself and bollywood links
  33. Bhavin Chandarana - I am 21 years old and. I love to make friends .
  34. Bhuwan's page - its a fun place for all guys and girls on the campus
  35. Bijal Karia's Page - My homepage, resume
  36. Biju's Home - contain links and more.
  37. Bikash Panda personal page
  38. Binoy Vithayathil's Home
  39. Binu's Page - about myself and about my country
  40. Bipuljyoti Saikia - personal home page with links about Assam, Assamese literature, music etc.
  41. Birju's Fantasyland - about myself, my friends, family and my hobbies
  42. Bivash Kundu's page - my homepage with my personal information
  43. Black on White - black and white pictures, art and more.
  44. BNegi's Home Page - about myself, my family and links to Indian sites
  45. Bollywood Logos - win95logos,jokes,poems,cool links
  46. Bollywood Songs - about me, pictures, search
  47. Brajesh Dhandhania's Home Page
  48. Brajesh's Jokes - personal site with jokes
  49. Brijesh Krishna Sharma - personal home page
  50. bunch of cool stuff

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