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  1. D. Singh Bajwa's Page - about myself, my interests, my research papers and publications
  2. Daniel's page
  3. Dar, Sarla and Uteesh - information on us, Kashmir, and more.
  4. Dar, Sarla and Uteesh - information on us, Kashmir, and more.
  5. Darshan's Planet
  6. Das Family - personal home page
  7. Davakar Rao - personal page.
  8. Davinder's Domain - contains sections dedicated to Kajol and bhangra music
  9. Debabrata Deb's Resume - resume of a certified lotus specialist and a computer engineer
  10. Debarshi Ghosh - featuring Hindi songs, links and more.
  11. Debasis P Roy's Page - a resource of links of India related sites
  12. Debasish Misra's Webpage - about myself and links to cool sites on the net
  13. Debasmit's Home - some of his favorite links.
  14. Debjani's page - interesting links about India
  15. Deboratno's Home Page - contains photos & personal details
  16. Deb's Homepage - know Premasish Deb from Silchar Assam , Btech(CSE) from REC Warangal.
  17. Debu Rath - features software, jokes, sairi and many more.
  18. Deepak Chebbi's Knowledge Base - information on UNIX & ORACLE and more.
  19. Deepak Gaur - information about me, my family, carrier, professional qualification etc.
  20. Deepak Jain - about India, Hindi film songs, Hindi pop stars, etc.
  21. Deepak's Page - information on e-commerce & internet banking in India with links
  22. Deodhar Jayant - consultant paeditrician and neonatologist at KEM Hospital, Pune.
  23. Depinder Paul - information about me, fashion, business, music, poetry etc.
  24. Devgun´s Homepage - includes information on bollywood pics, news, links.
  25. Devraj Mukherjee - get to know me inside out.
  26. Dhana's Home Page - virtual home of Dhanasekar of Tamil Nadu
  27. Dharmesh Patel - featuring personal info and bollywood links.
  28. Dharmesh Patel's Page - contains links to bollywood star galleries and other cool sites
  29. Dharmik's Songs Page - contains top ten bollywood songs and links to cool sites on the net
  30. Dhaval Patel's page - enjoy stuff from hollywood to bollywood
  31. Dheeraj's Homepage
  32. Dhiman Deb Chowdhury's Page - my resume, current projects and networking information
  33. Dhiren Bababhai Patel's Page - about myself and my family
  34. Dhiren's Homepage - personal page
  35. Dhrupesh Nayak - master in computer science from NJIT.
  36. Dhruv Dhindsa - personal home page.
  37. Dhvanee's World - about myself, softwares,games and my pages
  38. Diana Arachi - personal page with photographs
  39. Dibyendu Ghosh - featuring personal information and information about Santiniketan.
  40. Dilip Awasthi - info about UP and other political news.
  41. Dilip Patel's Home Page - Hindi movie songs, ghazals, Gujarati folk songs, news etc.
  42. Dilip's Page - information on Sambalpur, personal photos, family information etc.
  43. Dinesh Gupta - features personal info, family etc.
  44. Dinesh Gupta's Page - personal page with photographs & personal information
  45. Dinesh Kini - contains many useful links.
  46. Dinesh Nambisan - about me and other info...links.
  47. Dinesh Narayanan - personal page
  48. Dinzee's virtual world - information about India, Singapore
  49. Dipak's Page - personal page with list of links for Bengali culture and celebrities
  50. Dipu's - personal homepage
  51. Dishant Shah - personal page with mp3s, online radio, television, downloads, FTP sites
  52. Dishant Shah - author of acupressure - the ultimate alernative.
  53. Dr. Aralumallige Parthasarathy - an authority on Daasasahithya
  54. Dr. Debajyoti Mukhopadhyay - personal page
  55. Dr. K. K. Gupta, MD - consultant pediatrician.
  56. Dr. Vishesh Malhotra 's Homepage - personal homepage with links to other sites
  57. Dr.B.K.Bandre - yogatherapist inviting researchers in yoga
  58. Dr.Johnny's World - personal information.
  59. Dr.M.A. Lahankar - Mumbai's leading opthalmologists.
  60. Dr.Sajith Kumar's Page - doctor and professor of medicine
  61. Dr.Thamizhavel's Page - links to superconductivity, electron microscope and much more.
  62. Duddu Srinivas - features hindi and telugu music and more.

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