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iMahal suggests:

  1. R Kuchhal - links to lots of interesting sites.
  2. R M Kumar - links to India and more.
  3. R.K. Kaul's Page - Kashmiri language in Devnagari script, Kashmiri lunar calendar etc.
  4. Rabindra Nath - features personal info, photo gallery of superstars and more.
  5. Raghuvir's Home - page about myself and my city
  6. Rahbar's site - personal info, fevorite sites, India links....
  7. Rahul Bhasin's World Of Cricket - personal page with latest news on cricket
  8. Rahul Kadam - personal page with links to movies, music, cricket etc.
  9. Rahul Khanna - profile & resume of the model
  10. Rahul Kuchhal's Page - personal page with list of links
  11. Rahul Muchhal - features sports and entertainment links.
  12. Rahul Patil - personal home page
  13. Rahul Varshneya - site containing personal details, pictures etc.
  14. Rahul's Universe - collection of fantasy art and animations photos of family and friends.
  15. Rahul's Homepage - about myself, pictures etc.
  16. Rahul's Homepage - about myself and links to interesting sites
  17. Rahul's Page - several links related to Bangalore and sports
  18. Raj & Smruti Pandya's World of Music - page containing details of the musical pursuits of the Pandya family
  19. Raj Ganguly - personal home page
  20. Raj Khanna - personal page of Raj Khanna model from Delhi
  21. Raj Shekar - I am from Hyderabad.
  22. Raj - personal page
  23. Raja & Radha Reddy - Kuchipudi dancers
  24. Rajan Kothari - about me and other links.
  25. Rajan's Cyberhome - about myself, my university, friends and links to other sites
  26. Rajan's Remarkable Links - collection of bollywood, Sikhism and medical links
  27. Rajasekhar's Telugu Music Page - personal page with Telugu songs, lyrics, links, audio, search engine etc.
  28. Rajasree Warrier homepage - personal homepage of Rajasree Warrier
  29. Rajat Goswami - a photo gallery and links to Indian film songs and movie.
  30. Rajat Minocha's Page - about myself and links to India related sites
  31. Rajat Mishra - personal page featuring family, friends, interests etc.
  32. Rajdeep Dhillon's Page - information on Universities offering liberal studies program & links
  33. Rajeev Agrawal - personal home page
  34. Rajeev Bhatia - about his interests, photos and more.
  35. Rajeev G.Rudrakshi - I am a commercial artist & working as web page developer in Pune.
  36. Rajeev Kumar Shrivastava - personal page with information of Indians living in US
  37. Rajendra Makote's page
  38. Rajendra's Peace Page - site for Visual Basic, Java Applets, online music etc.
  39. Rajesh Chandrakar - about Chattisgarh, Raipur and his personal interest
  40. Rajesh Gamabl's page
  41. Rajesh Marar's page
  42. Rajesh Nair - features search engine and links.
  43. Rajesh Nayak's HomePage
  44. Rajesh Nerlikar's Page - check out the coolest page on the web.
  45. Rajesh Panda - a software professional working with product development at Oracle.
  46. Rajesh's Entertainment Page - links for everything, news, cartoons, music, movies, etc.
  47. Rajesh's Homepage - about me, pictures, cyber search
  48. Rajhan - all about orchestra and other classical music.
  49. Rajiv Lulla's Web Page - about myself, my resume, photo album and my favorite website
  50. Rajiv Pandey - all about bollywood and lots of pictures of bollywood actresses.
  51. Rajiv Pant - all about myself and lots of links.
  52. Rajiv S. Kalsi - contents research interests & projects and other link list.
  53. Rajiv Sehgal - links to information about India and Bulgaria, shareware software etc.
  54. Rajkumar's HomePage - I am a Telugu Guy, from Dubai.
  55. Rajneesh - personal page with links to various Indian sites
  56. Rajnish's Page - a little about me and a collection of links
  57. Raj's Homepage - about myself and my friends.
  58. Raj's Homepage
  59. Raj's Homepage - includes pictures, drawings, funny jokes and more.
  60. Raju Suresh Kumar's Page - about myself and links to Tamil related sites
  61. Raju's page - details about SAP.
  62. Raju's Web World - quotes, poems, pictures, jokes, shayri, links
  63. Rakesh Amin's Page - lots of links to hindi song,cars
  64. Rakesh Desai - includes information about India.
  65. Rakesh's Page - My personal homepage
  66. Rakhi's personal page - little info about India
  67. Rama Krishna Kunta - personal home page
  68. Ramakant Mahajan - personal home page
  69. Ramakrishnan Arasu Elango - information about journals and Indian cities.
  70. Raman Singh
  71. Raman Singh - coolest links to India and other stuff.
  72. Raman Singh's Page - about myself, my school and links to cool sites
  73. Ramanath K. Nayak - personal home page
  74. Ramasamy, Senthil Kumar
  75. Ramashram Satsang - personal page
  76. Ramesh Chandra Sahoo - information about Orissa, India, graphics, multimedia related stuffs etc.
  77. Ramesh Thyagaraja's Tamil page - all tamil, tamil nadu related links
  78. Ramesh's homepage - my interests and hobbies and other personal stuff.
  79. Ramji Sampath - information on myself as well as my hobbies, and more.
  80. Ramnath Cidambi - check out about Chennai formerly Madras
  81. Ram's Home - personal info,cricket,movies and freemails.
  82. Rams World - links, resume, news, greetings, friend's and family
  83. Ranjit Babu - contains links to movies, music and other items.
  84. Ranjit Rajagopalan - college, cartoons and personal info...
  85. Ranjit Vijayan's Homepage - home page of Ranjit Vijayan
  86. Ranjith Balakrishnan - personal page with links to Indian sites
  87. Ranjith's World - links to bollywood sites, Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa
  88. Ranjy Saini - devoted to the India tigers field hockey team.
  89. Ranvir Dalal's Homepage - links to India related sites and IT related sites
  90. Rasulhar Singh - featuring list of radio related sites and more.
  91. Ravi Gopalakrishnan - contains many photos and poetry in Tamil and English.
  92. Ravi Homepage - about myself, my school and my native place
  93. Ravi Kapadia's Ground - information about me, photos.....
  94. Ravi Kapadia's Home Ground - stuff about me, pictures, jokes, links and more
  95. Ravi Shailesh - personal home page with links to music, kerala etc.
  96. Ravi Viswanathan - personal page with links & information
  97. Ravi.K - personal page with jokes & personal information
  98. Ravi - about us,chat room,photo album,thoughts,hot links etc.
  99. Ravinder Ireddy - personal page with list of Indian links
  100. Ravinder Reddy's home on the net
  101. Ravi's Homepage - a page with all information about roses
  102. Ravi's Homepage - has links to bollywood, music and travel related sites
  103. Ravi's Page. - a fun and informative website with some cool links.
  104. Ravi's Page - about myself, my hobbies, my city and other stuff
  105. Ravi's Page - information for Fiat Uno users.
  106. Ravnish Gupta - welcome to my web site.
  107. Reena's Kitchen - personal page containing Indian recipes, health tips etc.
  108. Reggie's Page - links to useful sites on the net
  109. Renjith Kumar - personal page
  110. Ricky's cool links - about movies, music, sports,humor and news
  111. Rinesh Thakrar's Page - links to Indian sites,bollywood,music
  112. Rinkuz world
  113. Rishabh Tandon's Website - about myself, pictures of bollywood stars and more
  114. Rishi Shah`s Homepage - latest and old Hindi songs, bollywood beauties and more
  115. RishiRich's Planet - about himself,links to bollywood,songs etc.
  116. Ritesh Home Page - info on Aishwayra, Tendulkar, Holmes and more
  117. Ritesh Patel's Page - Ritesh resume,faborites and photo gallery.
  118. Riyaz's Page - contains cool game and India links.
  119. Riyaz's Homepage - info about myself, Islam religion, India and links to some related sites
  120. Rizwan Ahmed - pictures of bollywood actresses and more.
  121. Robby Khorana - information about all Apollo missions
  122. Rock - personal home page
  123. Rohan - info on Welham Boys' School and about myself.
  124. Rohin Saluja - personal page containing tips for preparing for IIT-JEE exams
  125. Rohini Vedant - personal page with info & tips on Microsoft Dashboard, Frontpage etc.
  126. Rohit Gaikwad - about me, my research, my links and lots of pictures.
  127. Rohit Srinivasan - info on Sachin Tendulkar.
  128. Rohit Yadav - personal homepage
  129. Rohit's Place - links to programming, movies and more.
  130. Roji's Page - dedicated to Reena Varghese, Indian nurse from Dallas.
  131. Rony's India Page
  132. Roop Ki Rani's Palace - links to sites about india, bollywood, sikhism, punjabi etc.
  133. Roshan Revankar - personal home page
  134. Ruhi and Ashok Upadhyay's page
  135. Rupal's World - webpage offers a lot of fun things for all surfers
  136. Rups' Page - my personal page

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