Studying in America and Canada
In this chapter:
  • What are the typical admissions requirements?
  • How do I apply for admission and financial aid?
  • When do I apply for admission and financial aid?
  • How do I select colleges and universities?
  • How can I improve my chances of success?
Applying for Admission and Financial Assistance


1. Introduction
2. So, You Want to Study in America or Canada!

3.1 Admissions Requirements
   3.1.1 Academic Qualification
   3.1.2 Entrance Exams
   3.1.3 Letters of Recommendations
   3.1.4 Personal Statement or Essays
   3.1.5 A Special Note for MBA Candidates
3.2 Decision Criteria and How to Improve Your Chances
   3.2.1 Academic Performance
   3.2.2 Score on Entrance Exam
   3.2.3 Letters of Recommendations
   3.2.4 Personal Statement or Essays
3.3 Admissions and Financial Assistance Process
3.4 When to Apply?
3.5 Selecting Target Colleges
   3.5.1 Targeting Criteria
   3.5.2 School Reputation and Rankings
   3.5.3 Cost of Education
   3.5.4 Your Chances for Admission
   3.5.5 Your Chances for Financial Assistance
   3.5.6 Making the Selection
3.6 Applying
3.7 The Outcome
   3.7.1 No Acceptances
   3.7.2 Acceptance(s), but No Offer of Financial Assistance
   3.7.3 Acceptance(s) and Offer(s) of Financial Assistance
3.8 Discussion
3.9 Quick Reference Materials
   3.9.1 Process for Applying to Colleges in America and Canada
   3.9.2 Typical Admissions Requirements for America and Canada
3.10 Case Studies

4. Entrance Exams
5. Financial Assistance
6. International Student Visa
7. The Trip of Your Life
8. The System of Higher Education in the US and Canada
9. Choices after Graduation
10. Final Words

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