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America and Canada host hundreds of thousands of international students from around the world. It is no mystery that some of the finest academic institutions of higher studies in the world are in these countries. These institutions present international students the opportunity to obtain state-of-the art, cutting edge education. Higher education from America and Canada is not only accepted everywhere in the world, it is in fact held in high regard, offering a touch of prestige. With further globalization, particularly in the context of information economy, an education from America and Canada is an even more attractive currency for the mobility of talent across national boundaries.

The value and attractiveness of education in America and Canada have never been in question, at least in the past several decades. Despite this on-going demand, the availability of information and guidance on how to go about studying in America and Canada is at best spotty.

  • Even with the advent of the Internet and availability of information on the Web, no authoritative and comprehensive guide is available that provides information and advises students on the system of education, the process of identifying target schools, applying for admission, securing financial aid, and so on.
  • International students are often misinformed as they struggle through the trial and error process. At the very least, a comprehensive understanding of the system and process is missing, even among those who have been accepted for degree programs. Dozens of email questions are received each week by the Dear Mentor: advice column at iMahal, a companion service to this book. Dozens of emails to Prof. Srikant Datar and Prof. Pradeep Misra also confirm the desperate search for information.
The book offers comprehensive information and practical advice on how to pursue opportunities for college education in America and Canada. The book offers the following:
  • Help students answer the question: Should I seriously consider studying in America or Canada?
  • Describe the admissions process and requirements.
  • Explain the different options for financial assistance.
  • Describe entrance exams and how to prepare for them.
  • Clarify the student visa process and requirements.
  • Describe the systems of education in America and Canada.
The book is not a mere collection of facts. Although the collection of facts is an essential and valuable ingredient of the book, we go well beyond mere facts by providing extremely valuable advice, guidance and insights. We offer case studies using real situations, highlight important tips, offer quick reference materials, and so on.

The book is intended for all prospective international students, whether you are starting with a twinkle in your eyes about the possibility of pursuing education in America or Canada, or you are aggressive pursuing the opportunity. All international students from all countries of the world would find the book as an invaluable resource.

We wish you the very best for continued success!

Lokesh Datta, PhD, MBA
Joe Judge, MS, MBA
Pradeep Misra, PhD

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