Studying in America and Canada
In this chapter:
  • What financial aid is available to international students?
  • What are the chances of securing financial aid, and what can be done to improve them?
  • How does one apply for financial aid?
Financial Assistance


1. Introduction
2. So, You Want to Study in America or Canada!
3. Applying for Admission and Financial Assistance
4. Entrance Exams

5.1 Financial Requirements
5.2 The Financial Aid System
5.3 Opportunities for International Students
5.4 Financial Assistance in America
5.5 Financial Assistance in Canada
5.6 Applying for Financial Assistance
5.7 Improving Your Chances for Success
5.8 Discussion
5.9 Quick Reference Materials
5.10 Case Studies

6. International Student Visa
7. The Trip of Your Life
8. The System of Higher Education in the US and Canada
9. Choices after Graduation
10. Final Words

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