Studying in America and Canada


Applying to colleges and universities in America and Canada is not much different from what it is in any other country, including India. You must fulfill all the requirements. Obtain the application form, submit the completed application form and required documentation, and wait for a decision.

In this chapter, we outline the typical requirements for admission into various programs of higher studies in America and Canada. You basically apply for financial aid at the same time as you apply for admission. You must note, however, that each college has its own specific requirements and decision criteria. These vary somewhat across colleges. Thus, you must study the college-specific requirement carefully before assuming that you are ready to apply. You can find the college-specific information on its website or obtain this information directly from the college via post or email. Most colleges in America and Canada have extensive and informative websites, where application forms are available and details are given about the admission and financial aid requirements and process

Schools specify deadlines for applying. The idea is not just to beat the deadline when applying, but to apply in a timely manner: this will make your life easier. It is quite possible that the school needs further information from you in a specific area. Being so far away geographically makes it challenging to transmit information back and forth prior to the deadline, if barely beat the deadline for your original submission. Note that schools make decisions about admission and financial aid on an on-going basis throughout the admissions cycle, not only after the deadline. You will improve your chances of success by applying early. And even if applying well ahead of the deadline doesn’t help you, at least it won’t hurt you. In this chapter we will discuss when to apply.

Once you have the information, applying to colleges is a fairly straightforward process. The real challenge is how to select colleges in such a way that you reach an acceptable balance between the prestige and reputation of the college and your chances of obtaining admission and securing financial aid. In this chapter, we will offer you information and tools - along with advice, guidance and insights - that will help you identify colleges that are right for you.

You will learn in this chapter how the admission process and the financial aid system work. Knowing the rules of the game and gaining an understanding of the decision-making process will position you well, in the competitive environment that you will face as you seek admission and financial aid.

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