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7.2.2 Facing the Customs Officials

Customs officials determine whether you are carrying acceptable amounts of acceptable items into the country. So long as you are carrying items for personal consumption and usage (not illicit drugs, firearms, or other such prohibited items such as endangered species products) you are fine. Another exception is food and agriculture products; such items are required to be inspected.

Most passengers are waived through by Customs officials. Few are stopped for either random check or for what they have declared on the customs form or for reasons of suspicion. Chances are you will be waived through and you would not even realize that you have cleared customs. If you are stopped, be prepared for anything from a minor check with a few questions, to a more detailed check of your belongings, to the most thorough check of everything including a strip search.

You should do your best and stick to what has been described in Section 7.1. You donít need additional hassles, and you certainly do not want to raise suspicions as to the intentions and your background.

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