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7.2.3 You’ve Arrived, Now What?

Once you have cleared Immigration and Customs, you have arrived in the new country. You are in the new country legally, and you are allowed to stay per the conditions of your legal status. But you are still at the airport, and you need to get to your temporary accommodations. Be aware that everything will seem expensive, if you keep using the exchange rate for your reference.

You may be a lucky one, and have someone to pick you up at the airport. Otherwise, the options for leaving the airport are similar to what you would find at an airport, train station, or bus terminal in India.

  • You can always take a taxi, but it is very expensive. Charges are metered.
  • You can take a shared door-to-door service, typically a van, which will drop you at your destination. The shared door-to-door service, however, is more common to America. This is considerably cheaper than a taxi.
  • You can take a bus which would stop at some pre-assigned stops. Hopefully, one of these stops would be near your final destination, from where you can either choose a short taxi ride or local bus. The bus is cheaper than a shared van.

You can choose the means of transportation as you see fit. You can go to the Information Booth at the airport to find specific information and prices.

The trip from India to your final destination is very long indeed. Having arrived, it is time to relax and get a good night sleep, because the next day is likely to be very busy.

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