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iMahal suggests:

  1. AAPI - American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin
  2. Action for Autism - Training, Awareness, Legal And Medical Issues, For Families &Children Diagnosed With Autism Or Pdd.
  3. Association of Voluntary Blood Donors - AVBD motivates people in West Bengal to donate blood
  4. Cancer Patients Aid Association - Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) is a charitable non-governmental organisation (NGO) working towards the Total Management of Cancer as a disease.
  5. Dakshinayan - Dakshinayan is a secular non-governmental, non-profit organization providing basic education and health care to tribal and other rural communities in India
  6. Delhi Ophthalmological Society - Official website of the Delhi Ophthalmological Society.
  7. Federation of Bombay Blood Bank - The Federation of Bombay Blood Banks
  8. For Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists - Prenatal diagnosis of congenital malformation course
  9. Headache Foundation - National Headache Foundation offers information on headache causes and treatments, a support group list, a state list of NHF physician members (on request) and a quarterly newsletter.
  10. Health Awareness Centre - Promoting health care as self care through the Vegetarian Food Plan
  11. India Board of alternate medicines - Develop Alternative Medicines And Popularise The Concept Of Holistic Health And Healing. Provides relevant courses.
  12. Indian Health Organisation's Website - NGO with coverage on AIDS education and other links
  13. Indian Medical Association - Organisation of qualified allopathic doctors in India.
  14. IndiaOrth - IndiaOrth is a site for information from and about the Indian Orthopedic community. It also provides a forum for interaction with the Other orthopedic surgeons
  15. Indmedica - Medical site with information for medical profession including Journals,medical sites, BBS, & health education for public also
  16. Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences, Bangalore - INYS, with its two curative tools, Naturopathy and Yoga, will help you learn how to fight diseases and attain physical, mental and emotional health from within yourself
  17. International Benevolent Services - Caring for leprosy sufferers, widows, orphans, the environment in India
  18. Jeevan Blood Bank and Research Centre,Madras - Community blood centre providing safe blood components
  19. Mohan Foundation - Promotes cause of organ donation. Distributes Donor Cards.
  20. Muktangan, Pune - Involved in de-addiction, rehabilitation for drug addicts and alcoholics

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