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  1. AFORT 99 - inaugural session of scientific congress to be held in Chennai
  2. AIDS Crisis in India - about awareness & prevention of the disease & information on organisations
  3. Advanced Orthopaedics Centre, Mumbai - online information about orthopaedic problems
  4. Alternative Health Directory - health therapies, resources & care in alternative medicine
  5. AskMD - online health information including expert opinion
  6. Blood Line - stock of blood from the Indian Serological Institute Blood Bank
  7. Cardiology - a reference on Cardiology
  8. Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) - rehabilitation centre, helpline, adoptions, send a hug, case files
  9. Chennai Hospitals - directory of hospitals and healthcare centres in Chennai
  10. Choose the Sex of Your Child - select the sex of the child before conception by Barthakur's theory
  11. CommSearch India Pvt Ltd - provides updated information on health and insurance services
  12. Cosmetic Surgery in Calcutta - information on types & procedures of the surgery
  13. Dental Implants in New Delhi (INDIA) - advice on dental problems and treatments available
  14. Dental India - hosting pages of dentists and other services.
  15. Dentistry Pages by Dr.Rajiv Khosla's - dental procedures on various dental specialities- in layman's terms
  16. Dentistry and Dental Implants - information on dental problems and their treatment.
  17. Diabetes in India - information on training, diet, books, research societies in diabetes etc.
  18. Diabetic Foot Gangrene - case studies, press releases, method of treatment by Dr. Prabhakar Shetty
  19. Diabetology - information on Diabetes
  20. Dinkar Borde's Medical News - news from the Indian medical circle
  21. Doctors Directory - information about hospitals & doctors in Vijayawada
  22. Doctors of India - contains medical related information in India
  23. Dr.A.J.Chitkara's Page - homepage of renowned paediatrician
  24. DrGill - medical portal providing comprehensive medical information.
  25. Echolab - collections of interesting colour Doppler images
  26. Family Planning Guide - about natural family planning, birth control methods etc.
  27. Foreva - comprehensive information about women's health in India
  28. Gastroenterology - information on the subject.
  29. General Medicine - information, research papers, seminars etc.
  30. General Surgery - information, research papers & other related websites
  31. Gynaecology - information & links to Gynaecology sites
  32. HIV-AIDS - information on the disease, online counselling, publications etc.
  33. Hair Falling - homoeopathic treatment for hair falling & hair care
  34. Health & Medicine Channel - search center for drugs, nutrition, diseases & women's health
  35. Health Care Guide - general health care, self-care online health guide, general questions etc.
  36. Health Education - health related information for the general public, internet learning etc.
  37. Health Education Library - a consumer health education resource centre
  38. Health Update - monthly health magazine from HELP, Delhi
  39. Healthcare in India - online newspaper for the madical fraternity.
  40. Heart Diseases - information about heart diseases
  41. IDoctor Net - information about doctors, hospitals, medical technologies etc.
  42. ISI Blood Bank
  43. Immunisation Today - an update on immunisation schedule for children in India
  44. Indian Journal of Pharmacology - Links to other pharmacology sites
  45. Indian Journal of Gastroenterology - quarterly publication containing articles & features
  46. Indian Paediatrics - Official journal of Indian academy of paediatrics
  47. Indian Journal of Nuclear Medicine
  48. India Mart - provides information on nutrition, vitamins, aerobics, etc.
  49. Indian Ophthalmology Online - premier ophthalmic site with image library, case discussions, cyberlectures
  50. Internal Medicine - research papers, seminars, information etc.
  51. JIRA - Journal of Indian Rheumatism Association, Lucknow
  52. Journal Publication - abstracts on organisational health, personality, education of Dr. D. Dutta
  53. Journal of the Indian Medical Assn.
  54. Leucoderma (Vitiligo) Treatment Program - devoted to FAQs, information, treatment options of Vitiligo.
  55. Lichen Planus Treatment Program - featuring FAQ, information, treatment options on Lichen Planus treatment.
  56. Manbir Online - health & fitness news, medical news on HIV-AIDS, cardiac care, nutrition
  57. Manbir Online - medical & health tips, questions & answers on medicine, medical news
  58. Medicine for You - medical information with a monthly newsletter
  59. MedInfo - Indian medical information on the net
  60. Meditrack India - news, articles on health, fitness matters and clinics information
  61. Muscular Dystrophy - Prasads homepage containing information on limb-girdle muscular dystrophy
  62. Nephro-India - information specifically for Indian patients and doctors.
  63. Neurology - information on Neurology
  64. Neurosurgery in India - information about Neurosurgery and links to related sites
  65. Neurology India - The official journal of the neurological society of India
  66. News From The World of Indian Medicine - searchable archive of news stories about health and medicine.
  67. Nutrition Park - information about diet & nutritional strategies, vitamins, minerals etc.
  68. Orthopaedics - contains information & links to other Orthopaedics site
  69. Paediatrics - research papers, seminars, information etc.
  70. QMed Services Pvt. Ltd. - information on health-care with list of sites on blood banks, doctors etc.
  71. Radiology - information on the subject
  72. Sexual Medicine - some FAQ on sexual medicines by Dr. Govind Gupta
  73. Sudisa's Telemedicine - online information for medical & non-medical persons on medicine & diseases
  74. - contains database of doctors.
  75. Vidyasoft Applications - health monitoring software
  76. Vipassana Meditation - by S.N. Goenka
  77. West Bengal Health - contains information on health services in West Bengal
  78. Womens Health Guide - guide to women's pregnancy, breast cancer, infertility etc.
  79. World Medics - a directory of doctors, surgeons, dentists and physicians

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