Dear Mentor:

How should I continue my studies in cardiology?

I have completed my M.B.B.S training from Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore (Pakistan). Now I wish to continue my studies in Cardiology or Orthopedic Surgery. These are the fields of my interest as a specialist. Kindly give me information about courses in these fields, and also about duration and cost of each course. I will be grateful to you.

Doc in Training, Lahore, Pakistan

Dear Doc in Training:

We have answered essentially the same question in earlier Dear Mentor: columns. We strongly encourage people to visit the Dear Mentor: Archives before submitting your questions, because you are liable to find answers to many of your questions and many additional insights that you may find helpful.

Briefly, you will be required to do your residency in the US. The details of the process are outlined in our earlier columns. You may wish to visit the following columns:

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