Dear Mentor:

Where can I study cardiology?

I am a student in the final year of MD, studying here in Mordovian State University Saransk, Russia, and going to complete my degree in June 2001. I am interested to continue my studies for Post Graduation in your institute and my specialty would be Cardiology. Would be grateful to you if you send me some information regarding getting admission.

Doc in Russia, Saransk, Russia

Dear Doc in Russia:

We recently answered the same question in this column. Please read our earlier Dear Mentor: column (How do I do medical residency in the US?). You would essentially have to complete the three steps of the USMLE (US Medical License Exam). The first two steps can be completed in various parts of the world; the third step must be completed in the US. Upon successful completion of USMLE, if you can find residency in the US, you can pursue your desired course of action.

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