Dear Mentor:

How do I begin a medical residency in the US?

I am Libyan young doctor with M.B.Ch.B degree in 1997. From that time I worked in the department of Anesthesia in my country. My career goal to specialize in the field of Anesthesia in developed country, such as the USA. I am confused because I don't know what steps to follow for my career, and I have many inquires for that. I will be highly appreciate it if I can get information from your prestigious institution about: what I will need to do Residency in the USA, what kind of visa I need, what institutions I have to contact, and any other helpful advice for me. Otherwise please direct me to the one in a position to help me.

Training 4 Doc, Libya

Dear Training 4 Doc:

We recently answered the same question in this column. Please visit: How do I do medical residency in the US?. It details the requirements and process for doing residency in the US and practicing medicine.

You would essentially have to complete the three steps of the USMLE (US Medical License Exam). The first two steps can be completed in various parts of the world; the third step must be completed in the US. Upon successful completion of USMLE, if you can find residency in the US, you can pursue your desired course of action.

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