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How do I get admitted for an MBA in your university?
  Dear Mentor Says: ... iMahal is a portal that specializes in Education and Careers ... We are not a college or university ... To enter an MBA program, you need a Master's degree from Pakistan unless your Bachelor's degree was a 4-year program.
How should I change my career to counseling?
  Dear Mentor Says: ... Practicing some forms of counseling, such as psychological or psychiatric counseling, requires professional and/or legally-mandated qualifications which may consist of both academic and on-the-job qualifications ... you did not mention the field in which you want to pursue counseling ...
Can I study in Canada without finishing in India?
  Dear Mentor Says: ... Canadian universities are doing quite well indeed, without admitting those who "could not" finish their education in other countries ... You can not continue your education in Canada, given your current situation. You have two choices:
My F1 became H1, but my wife is F2; what do I do?
  Dear Mentor Says: ... She must not be in the US on an illegal status at any time. Once that happens, the future grant of any visa becomes very complicated. Your best bet is to contact an immigration lawyer at once ...
Do I need a work permit to work in India?
  Dear Mentor Says: ... you do require a work permit for employment in India. Your visitor's visa is of no use in that regard. To obtain information on the requirements and procedure to affect a change in your status, you should contact ...
Can I visit India and take some college course while there?
  Dear Mentor Says: ... The process of enrollment in India is not only extremely competitive, it is systematic and strict. No variations to the process and requirements are allowed ... mixing pleasure and studies for foreigners is difficult not only in India but in the rest of the world as well ...
Should I study in Germany, France, Colombia, Australia, or Russia?
  Dear Mentor Says: ... We find it hard to believe that the total cost of education in Germany or France is less, or at least less in any meaningful way, than that in Australia ... There isn't a lack of good quality educational in India ... but the desire to be anywhere but in India is too strong among many. We would encourage you to not discard India out of hand for quality education ...
How do I get money to pay the fees for my ME at Hyderabad?
  Dear Mentor Says: There are basically 4 types of sources for financing one's education ... iMahal is a portal specializing in Education and Careers. We are not an entity that offers financial assistance to those who write to us.
Should I get my MS in mechanical or biomedical?
  Dear Mentor Says: ... the requirement for entering an MS program is typically a BS in electrical or mechanical engineering, or of course in biomed. A similar situation is true in the employment arena ... you should seriously consider, beyond a good offer upon graduation, what you would really like to do and where you would like to be a decade or two from now.
How does my friend, an H1 accountant, find a job in Dallas?
  Dear Mentor Says: ... She would have obtained the H1 visa only if she had an employer who sponsored her ... It would seem to us that your friend either lost or quit her job ... You are looking for US companies that specialize in recruiting people who would be on the H1 visa. There are no such companies ...
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