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How does my friend, an H1 accountant, find a job in Dallas?

I have a friend who has an H1 foreign worker visa, and she is looking for an accounting position in Dallas/DFW. But she is having a hard time finding a company that would hire H1 individuals. Do you know of a website or organization that houses such gathering of companies that would hire accountants with H1 foreign worker visa?

Looking for H1 Companies, Dallas, Texas, USA

Dear Looking for H1 Companies:

We do not think we fully understand your friend's situation. She would have obtained the H1 visa (temporary worker visa for the US) only if she had an employer who sponsored her for the visa. So, at least theoretically, she had an employer, and a job, in the US at some point in time. It would seem to us that your friend either lost or quit her job.

You are looking for US companies that specialize in recruiting people who would be on the H1 visa. There are no such companies and, thus, there are no websites or organizations for such companies. Companies in the US prefer to recruit people who are legal residents of the US. Recruiting employees who would be on the H1 visa is not their preference because this involves expending additional resources and time to get the right paperwork done with the US INS (Immigration & Naturalization Services).

Your friend does not have much choice but to use the traditional means for finding a new job - that is, through personal network of contacts, newspaper classified, jobsites on the Web, websites of prospective employers, and so on. The iMahal Careers Channel offers a List of Jobsites.

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