Dear Mentor:

Can I study in Canada without finishing in India?

I have studied four years of my engineering in computer Science in India. However, I could not attend all the tests in the final year. Now I want to complete my studies in Canada. I have seen the list of colleges and universities on your website. Can you please tell me the procedure for me to come there and continue my education?

Short on Qualifications, Guntur, India

Dear Short on Qualifications:

You are certainly adept at using diplomatic language like "you could not attend all the tests to the final year." You could not or did not? What is the reason? Whatever your personal reasons, we can still comment on your query.

We recognize that you may have had health-related issues. But there is another possibility - your performance or attitude and motivation. In this case, you can not continue your education anywhere. And even if you could, you should not. Unless you can demonstrate that some extra-ordinary events did in fact prevent you from completing your education, no school will admit you.

Ask yourself the question: If you "could not" complete your education in India, would another college or university in India let you continue your education? It is not a trick question. You know the answer: Of course not. Then, why would you expect a Canadian university to let you in? Do you think Canadian universities are pushovers? Canadian universities are doing quite well indeed, without admitting those who "could not" finish their education in other countries.

You can not continue your education in Canada, given your current situation. You have two choices:

  1. You can start over with your Bachelor's degree in Canada. No financial aid is available to international students for studies at this level.
  2. You can complete your degree in India and pursue further education in Canada. Competition for financial aid is fierce but at least you will be eligible

Discussing the procedure for applying is a mute point at this stage, since you do not have the requisite academic qualifications.

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