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  1. Arrisje's Cookbook - Dutch, Indonesian, Suriname and other ethnic recipes with pictures.
  2. Authentic Indian Recipes - A large collection of Indian, Chinese, as well as many Western recipes. The site also contains food facts, a glossary of cooking terms.
  3. BRGS Kitchen - BRGS Kitchen offers ethnic recipes, as well as American home cooking. Includes many ethnic recipes. Updated regularly, all recipes are then archived.
  4. Edibilia - Food and drink recipes and food resources from North and South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East (European recipes are elsewhere on the site).
  5. Epicurious Mediterranean Recipe File - Over 100, Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines' recipes from the Mediterranean region can be found here.
  6. Galley Chef - A recipe archive featuring barbecue, Mexican, Italian, and canning recipes.
  7. International Gourmet's Treasured Recipes - Traditional old world recipes include Egyptian and Armenian favorites as well as recipes from other cuisines. At the bottom of the page are links to other recipes.
  8. International Recipes OnLine - An internet culinary exchange group with over 20,000 members in 90 different countries.
  9. Lucretia B's Amazing International Cookbook - Online cookbook with recipes from all over the world. Special section with tips and tricks for beginners.
  10. March Recipes - Recipe collections from Corsica, Morocco and Lebanon.
  11. Margarita's Cooking Page - Featuring recipes from around the world, including Africa, Europe and Latin America.
  12. Ming Tsai - Chef Ming Tsai brings you east meets west recipes, cooking techniques and hard to find Asian ingredients.
  13. Recipes of 'la casa Hassel - Some like it hot! - Here you'll find the most popular dishes from the Hasselian kitchen. It goes all the way from Stockholm to Singapore. It covers all from salads and soups to side-dishes and supreme main courses.
  14. Salvatore's Kitchen - Good site for fr Italian recipe's. The recipe's continue on to include not just Italian, but other types of recipe's from Jamaican to Cajun.
  15. The European Cuisines Page - Recipes and food information from Europes many cuisines.
  16. The Recipes Folder - Vegetarian recipes from around the world including India, the Middle East, the Mediterranean region to name a few areas.
  17. The Ultimate Xena Cookbook - Wide variety of international recipes in 10 categories with a Xena theme including starters, meats, seafood, veggies, stews and one pot meals, thirst quenchers, breads, desserts, flower foods, and pet treats.
  18. Towanda's Recipe Room - Ethnic, holiday, kids, crockpot, and dessert recipes. Recipes available in Mastercook format.
  19. You're Invited - Recipes from the Haliburton Highlands area. Searchable archives, a newsletter, and new recipes every week. The recipes though from the highlands area are taken from cuisines around the world.

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