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  1. Allexperts Italian Cooking Q&A - Volunteer chefs answer all your questions about cooking Italian recipes for free!
  2. AllItalianFood - Our goal is to bring the flavour of Italian cooking to many homes around the world. We aim to offer the possibility of savouring all the Italian products put on their tables day after day, genuines and simply.
  3. Always Italian Pasta - Entirely PASTA dedicated site. Here you'll find news about PASTA (history, traditions, how-to, etc.) and, of course, a lot of recipes. Both in Italian or in English (I suppose!)
  4. Amazing Pizza FAQs!!! - Pizza. Includes how-to-make online movie! Many pictures. Rare facts and recipes: allergy free, fat free, vegetarian, fruit, history of and world records for pizza! Pages download quickly.
  5. Andy's Italian Recipes - A selection of recipes with all the instructions for preparing easy, and tasty Italian dishes.
  6. Anthony's Italian Sauce & Balls - Dedicated to his father, Anthony gives us his fathers special recipe for sauce and meatballs. Also on the site you'll find links to 100's of recipe's.
  7. Apulian recipes - Collection of recipes of the South of Italy. Well designed site. Unusual,simple and tasty recipes.
  8. Bella Cucina Recipes - A few Italian recipes from a commercial site.
  9. Calabria Cookbook - Calabria, Food articles and recipes from the Italian region of Calabria.
  10. Chef Paolo Monti's Cucina Italiana - Recipes for antipasti through dolci.
  11. Chefchk's Pasta Palace - Hello and Welcome! Here you will find a pasta and risotto recipes that change monthly, links to great sites on AOL and the net, and lots of fun pics and sounds.
  12. Cook Italy, cook Italian,recipes and menus,food,traditional Italian home cooking - Offers a monthly Italian recipe and menu, plus weekly tips, learn to cook traditional regional Italian in Tuscany, Bologna,Umbria. Beautiful locations, memorable meals, unforgettable cooking holidays.
  13. cucina - The virtual home of Apulian cusine and recipes. One of many regional Italian cuisines.
  14. Easy Italian Cooking - Dish of the month, featuring Italian recipes that are easy to prepare.
  15. From Ricky's Place - Lots of different recipes and kinds of Italian food.
  16. Great Magliocco & Friends Recipes - A family's traditional Italian recipes, and other recipes obtained from friends over the years.
  17. Italia Mia, Italian Cuisine - Selected Italian web sites on cuisine, recipes, wine and more
  18. Italian Cookery - Find here 200 Italian dishes, American and Internatioanal desserts, Cake & Pie recipes. Free Recipe newsletter, and free recipe downloads.
  19. Italian Cooking Recipes - Extensive, well maintained site, full of italian recipes, from "cannoli" to "risotto".
  20. Italian Cooking Site @ Bella Online - A new site devoted to all aspects of Italian cooking. Check out the feature articles updated weekly, original recipe of the week, and links to hundreds of other tradional recipes.
  21. Italian Deliciousness - Selection of tipical Italian recipes in English
  22. Italian Meal Planning 101 - Impress your guests and learn how to plan a complete Italian menu including all the courses.
  23. Italian Spring Menu - A four course Italian menu for Spring, complete with full recipes and color pictures.
  24.'s Italian Food resource - Huge resource of italian foods with Cooking Forum, recipe links, Share a Recipe.
  25. Mama Rose's - Italian Recipes - Taste Italy in Your Home - Easy to follow recipes.Traditional Italian cooking
  26. Mangia Bene - Free New York Italian recipes, including cannoli's & cuccidati. Family stories of New York Italian culture
  27. Mangiare Bene: Genuine Italian cooking - Recipes galore from basic rules to sophisticated simplicity of Great Chefs from Italy's best restaurants, plus tips, etiquette, aphrodisiac delights, dishes from great movies & books, heritage and regional specialities.
  28. Minnie Giraldi's Recipes - Old world Italian recipes.
  29. Nicola's Recipes - An index of Italian recipes from Nicola Ranieri.
  30. North End dot Com - Italian cooking by an American food lover. Very good site with a fantastic Ragu Bolognese recipe
  31. Ottaviana's Kitchen - Traditional recipes.
  32. Pizza Therapy - A site based on making pizza to create magic. Includes dough recipe, how to make a pizza from scratch. Includes pizza tips,tricks an tales. Also includes pizza links to other pizza sites
  33. Tastes Of Italy - Recipe's for every course from appetizers to desserts which change each month. The site includes a detailed wine list of terms that relate to wines, and also one that includes wines that go with cheeses.
  34. Terra di Toscana - A Tuscan site with a nice recipe index.
  35. The Artisan - Italian food recipes and bread baking. Very detailed techniques. Recipes translated from old italian books. Bread baking tips from professional bakers.
  36. Tony's Place - Italian recipes of the Nitti family - Italian recipes, traditional holiday recipes, the old neighborhood in Chicago, Grand and Ogden, pictures, stories.
  37. Traditional Florentine and Tuscan Recipes - Authentic recipes and wine suggestions.
  38. Ventimiglia's Italian Foods - Italian food, recipes and info for people who don't live close enough to a good store.
  39. Virtualitalia - The online resource of authentic Italian recipes. Got a question? Ask our food editor!

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