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  • Mexican Cuisine - You can read this page in Spanish:. We feel very proud of our Mexican Cuisine and we wish to share this pride with you . Our Cuisine is something more than a set of recipies, requires the definition of it's techniques, characteristics and ingredients exclusively from México.

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  1. Alton Amigos - Authentic Mexican food homemade specialty of shredded beef enchiladas and homemade salsa and more!
  2., Mexican Recipes - This site feature an enormous collection of recipes from this nation.
  3. Azteca Foods - The Azteca Foods site has product information, but also a lot of recipes.
  4. Bandera chile peppers. - Bandera has a selection of dried chili peppers, chili pepper flakes, and chili pepper powders.
  5. Casa Fiesta Kitchen - Educational information on Mexican Food and convenient for Tex-Mex and Authentic Mexican cooking.
  6. Casa Valdez - authentic mexican tortitas, tortillas, and gorditas for over 25 years.
  7. Chile Today -Hot Tamale - Delicious recipes, chile facts, cooking tips, chile trivia, links to other great sites, unique chile products to sell online.
  8. Cocina Mexicana - University of Guadalajara presents traditional recipes from each Mexican state (in Spanish), along with recipes organized by food category (meat, soup, salads) in English.
  9. Collected Recipes - Mexican - Enchilads, moles, salsa, empanadas and reipes for other Mexican dishes are contained in this site.
  10. Cooking New Orleans Style - Mexican Cuisine - Mexican recipes prepared New Orleans style.
  11. Csp Mexican Recipes - Small collection of Mexican recipes.
  12. Deano el Cocinero - International Recipes, specializing in chiles, hot peppers, and Mexican Food.
  13. - Free online culinary novel in progress includes recipes. "The Food of Friends" by Preston Brady III. The 3-column format in English, Spanish, and Portuguese is not as reader-friendly as it could be.
  14. El Torito - This site fetures quite a large number of Spanish recipes.
  15. Epicurious Mexican Recipe File - Over 200 authentic Mexican recipes can be found at this site.
  16. Fat-Free Mexican Recipes - Fat-free alternatives including burritos, tacos, and enchiladas.
  17. Flavorbank - Chili Pepper Guide - Learn about the "heat ratings" for chili peppers.
  18. Galley Chef's Gourmet Cookery - Cookbooks and recipes for cooking authentic Mexican food including enchiladas, tamales and home made tortillas
  19. Guide to Mexican Food from - Mexican food links, recipes, articles and more. Covering Mexican, Tex-Mex, and Ameri-Mex cuisine.
  20. How to make Flour Tortillas: Texas Magazine - Interested in making your own flour tortillas? Find a recipe here.
  21. Jane Butel's Pecos Valley Spice Co. - Although the PECOS VALLEY SPICE COMPANY has ingredients that pertain to cuisine from New Mexico, cooks will still find terrific ingredients for use in pure Mexican cooking. Spices include pure New Mexican ground and crushed whole chiles, as well as dried, fresh and frozen red and green chiles.
  22. Katie's Mexican Food Recipes - A small index of authentic Mexican recipes.
  23. La Preferida - recipes and availability for the retail, foodservice and export markets.
  24. Lawrence Wheeler's Favorite Mexican Recipes - This site features a wide range of Mexican recipes.
  25. Mexican Cuisine - Recipes from the Mexican embassy in Denmark, and in English.
  26. Mexican Food ,Recipes, & Cookbooks by Jim Peyton - Jim Peyton's specialty is Mexican food, cooking, and recipes. A glossary, recipes, and travel commentary appears on the site.
  27. Mexican Food To Go - Offering gourmet Tex-Mex Mexican food gift baskets, Tejano salsa, history of mexican food, mexican food recipes, and red hot chili pepper facts.
  28. Mexican products - A large selection of hard-to-find ingredients and food specialties for gourmets. We will help you prepare Authentic ethnic dishes without resorting to unsuitable substitutions or unfortunate omissions.
  29. Mexican Recipes - This site offers quite a few mouth watering Mexican recipes.
  30. Mexican Recipes - Mexican and Southwestern recipes from Flavors of the South.
  31. Mexican Recipes by Patricia Wriedt - Recipes from Mexico, incuding salsas, breads, and soups.
  32. Mexican Recipes from Clay's Kitchen - A collection of 43 Mexican recipes from around Mexico.
  33. Mexico by Elaine Sosa - Iintroduction to Mexico, its food traditions and regional cuisines.
  34. Mexico Connect - Mexico Connect provides information on recipes, festivals, and ingredient information.
  35. Monterrey Food Products - A wholesale grocer specializing in Mexican products including chiles and spices. You'll have to e-mail them for a catalog - it's not on-line yet.
  36. Morten's Recipe Collection - Mexican - A very extensive collection of Mexican recipes.
  37. Olvera Street - Abuelita's Kitchen - Recipes from Abuelita's Kitchen on Olvera Street in Los Angeles, including mole de Oaxaca.
  38. Over 900 Mexican Recipes - Searchable on-line archive of recipes (SOAR) - 923 recipes for everything from Arroz con Pollo to Zucchini Relish.
  39. Quesadillas - Recipe for traditional home-made quesadillas.
  40. RecipeLu's Mexican Recipes - A large, fully searchable collection of mexican recipes. Food images, food facts, glossary of cooking terms, and more. Crescendo enhanced. Updated daily with new recipes and links.
  41. Recipes Archive: Mexican - Vast archive of Mexican recipes .
  42. Salsa Recipes from The Low Fat Vegetarian Archive
  43. Salsas From Clay's Kitchen -
  44. Tamales ala Diana Kennedy - Notes on making tamales.
  45. Taqueria Technology, A Manual for Mexican Street Cooking - This site offers a detailed discussion of Mexican food ingredients and contains a large number of mexican recipes.
  46. Tex's Tortillas - Tex sells to grocers, but the site has some good recipes for wraps.
  47. The Cuisine of Nayarit - Brief descriptions of Nayarit cuisine and many of its dishes.
  48. The Global Gourmet's-Mexico - Intoduction to Mexican cuisine with recipes and a good glossary of Mexican food related terms.
  49. The Mexican Grill from Barbecue & Grilling - Mexican cooking done over a grill with recipes, information and ideas.
  50. The Mexican Kitchen - Food & Beverages of Mexico - A useful glossary of Mexican dishes and food terms.
  51. The Tastes of Mexico - A lengthy excerpt from "The Tastes of Mexico" book gives you details about the range of Mexican cuisine.

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