Dear Mentor:

How should I declare money to the Canadian High Commission?

I want to ask two questions regarding the declaration of money to the Canadian High Commission. These are: 1) Whether any close relative (currently a citizen of Canada) of the applicant can sponsor him or not. If yes, does it weaken the case (for visa application) of the applicant? If no, how can he avail himself of this benefit from his relative? 2) If one shows the required money by his own, is it enough or is it necessary to show all your property? In short, if one has nothing else other than the required money for the intended programme.

Declaring Finances, India

Dear Declaring Finances:

Let us first understand the aim of the Canadian Consulate officials. Among other things, they wish to ensure that applicants (prospective foreign students in Canada) can sustain themselves financially for the duration of their stay in Canada. Thus they wish to judge your ability to finance not just the tuition and fees, but the total cost including room & board, health insurance, books & supplies, and so on.

A relative, who is a citizen of Canada, can help you demonstrate your financial ability. This "sponsor" can commit to offering you room & board, for example, provided of course you are going to college in the same city and, thus, reducing the amount of money that you need to show to the Consulate officials. The sponsor can also give you a bank draft of any amount to partially or fully offset your financial requirements. Just a commitment from the sponsor that he or she would fully fund your stay is likely not to be sufficient without the sponsor giving you cash up front in some form.

We do not understand your question about the "property," showing it in full or part. You need to demonstrate your ability to sustain yourself fully. Whether you do it through full or partial declaration of your property ownership is irrelevant.

We encourage you to read the iMahal Authoritative Guide for Studying in America and Canada, and particularly the chapter on International Student Visa.

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