Dear Mentor:

Is my decision right to pursue advertising as my career?

I am pursuing full-time PGDBA [Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration?] with marketing as my specialisation. After this, I want to work for advertising agencies. So please suggest to me what else I may need to do - such as specialised courses, diplomas or training - and also provide the contact addresses, the various work profiles in ad agencies. Is my decision right to pursue advertising as my career? Please advise.

Interested in Advertising, Calcutta, Bangal, India

Dear Interested in Advertising:

We would strongly advise all those who write to us to explain the abbreviations. They mean different things to different people in different places.

Our advice to you would be to explore the possibility of securing employment with an advertising agency first, and then pursue targeted courses on an as-needed basis. Collecting various diplomas and certificates may be comforting, but it is not a particularly useful exercise in developing one's career.

We are a bit puzzled by your inquiry. You are interested in working for an advertising agency, but you are asking us for work profiles. How did you consider a career in advertising as an option - that too, an important option because you don't mention any other - without knowing the types of employment and career you can pursue in advertising?

You also ask us if employment in advertising is the right choice for you. The fact that many people pursue careers in advertising means that is must be the right choice for them. We can not even speculate, let alone recommend, whether a career in advertising is right for you. The mere fact that you, and others, have choices, the answer at best can be "it depends." There is no universal truth, applicable to all. Your decision to pursue a career in advertising is right for you if it is consistent with your ambitions, goals, and interests. All we can say is that it is a valuable option for you to consider.

An advertising agency is a business and, as such, has many positions that are common to other industries but with its own twist. These positions include: business development, sales, management and so on. Of course, advertising has positions that are unique to the industry. They include: copywriter, creatives, creative directors, producers and so on. You may wish to visit:

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