Dear Mentor:

How should I pursue a career in mass communications?

I am a B.Tech. student from Delhi and want to pursue a career in advertising and mass communications. Please suggest some good institutes. How is MICA?

Engineer to Advertise, Delhi, India

Dear Engineer to Advertise:

Every so often, we like to remind our audience that our focus at iMahal is on the traditional degree education, and not on correspondence or distance education, or diploma or certificate programs. We recognize that correspondence and diploma programs are popular in India. No matter what you want to learn, and no matter how narrow the subject matter is, there is a correspondence or diploma program available in India. In our view, such education does not even come close to the quality of education offered by traditional degree programs. We believe that non-degree programs are appropriate for augmenting career knowledge in a narrow discipline, but are not appropriate for establishing valued credentials in a broad field of study. These programs should not become convenient substitutes for traditional education.

We encourage those who write to us to not use abbreviations. The meaning of each abbreviation varies within India, let alone across countries. We are assuming that by MICA you meant Mudra Institute of Communications, but we are not sure. Regardless, we do not comment on specific programs from specific colleges. We do not evaluate colleges, nor do we recommend any product or service, as a matter of policy and practice.

Professionals in advertising come from diverse backgrounds, yet they have two things in common: they have a good understanding of marketing and possess strong communications skills. These professions may be creatives (artists), copywriters, marketing professions, and so on. Their education could be in art, English or other relevant languages, communications, marketing, or business administration, etc. You may wish to visit:

We must confess that we have rarely seen an individual with pure engineering background in the advertising field. The engineering training ignores the critical knowledge and training that is fundamental to a career in advertising. Of course, some engineers might find work in the IT deparment of an advertising company, but this would be more like a job rather than it would be a career.

An MBA or a degree in marketing or communications would be a natural choice for you to gain requisite knowledge in marketing.

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