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Where should I study copywriting for a career in advertising?

I am an 18-year old college student, presently in the science stream. I am interested in a career in the field of advertising. Which colleges in India and the US offer courses in advertising? What are the necessary qualifications to become a copywriter in the creative department of an advertising agency?

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Dear Science to Copywriting:

An advertising agency employs many kinds of talents and skills, ranging from account managers, to copywriters, to graphic artists, and to production personnel. Copywriting is the words used in advertisements, television commercials, and brochures. Copywriting is everywhere - on big posters, local newspaper ads, and every clever slogan. Copywriting is probably the most creative and demanding branch of writing. Thus the primary qualification of a copywriter is creative writing, and fundamental to creative writing is the basic skill of clear writing.

We are not aware of colleges that offer programs in copywriting; however many, if not most, colleges do offer copywriting courses as part of their business and/or communications programs. It is also possible that advertising agencies would prefer to hire English majors for copywriting. Many colleges offer degrees in English. You can read more about Copywriting on the Web. Some private institutions also offer short-duration training courses.

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