Dear Mentor:

Can I get scholarship for medical BS abroad?

I have just done my O-Levels (Ordinary Levels) and obtained 8 A's and a world distinction in Human and Social Biology. I want to do MBBS from abroad after A-Levels. Is their any hope of me getting a scholarship and if yes from where?

Medicine from Abroad, Lahore, Pakistan

Dear Medicine from Abroad:

Very well done, indeed!

As you may know, our focus at iMahal is on the US, UK, India, and Canada. Abroad is a big place, and we can not comment on opportunities for you "abroad." The minimum qualification for entering medical education in the US and Canada is a Bachelor's degree. So, it is a bit early for you to consider this option. Medicine programs in the UK do admit students after the A-Levels (Advanced Levels). For more details on this, you may wish to read a question on medical education in the UK in an earlier column: Will my good F.Sc. score help me to study medicine in the UK?

Please note that the number of international students admitted to medical programs in the US, UK, and Canada is rather small. Getting admitted is challenging enough, getting scholarship to pursue the program is near impossible.

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