Dear Mentor:

Will my good F.Sc. score help me to study medicine in the UK?

I am an 18 year old. Will my good F.Sc. (equivalent to the A-levels in the UK) score help me to study medicine in the UK, either on scholarship or on my own expense?

UK Medicine, Faisalabad, Pakistan

Dear UK Medicine:

Good scores always help, but gaining admission to study medicine in the UK is extremely competitive. The number of international students in medicine is minuscule.

To enter medicine in the UK, you are typically required to have the GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) pass for Biology, Physics, and Mathematics. Your are required GCE (General Certificate of Education) pass for Chemistry and two of the Biology, Physics, and Mathematics. For example, you can visit the Cambridge University website for its requirements for medicine.

Educational and performance requirements vary across colleges. You may wish to visit the websites of other medical schools as well to gain a better appreciation. You can find the List of Medical Colleges in the UK in the iMahal Education Channel.

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