Dear Mentor:

Who can you recommend for my copywriting services?

I produce material to try and portray messages/campaigns/promotions in a slightly different way to copywriters. My work is written in verse and on the whole tends to be short, sharp and to the point. I also write straplines and slogans albeit hard hitting or humourous and am currently promoting Road Safety for Cambridge County Council in this way. Please can you advise me as to whom to contact that may be interested in using this type of service? An example is: Playing in a river or lake is not cool, Be more street wise and use a pool. This is trying to get a message across to teenagers not to play in lakes and rivers. Many thanks.

Creative Communicator, Cambridge, UK

Dear Creative Communicator:

For those not familiar with the lingo, copywriting is the phrase used to describe the text in advertisements, television commercials, and brochures, and thus a copywriter is an artisan of this trade. We addressed an inquiry on copywriting in an earlier Dear Mentor: column: Where should I study copywriting for a career in advertising?

As you already know, your expertise and skills are quite relevant and valuable to an advertising agency or the marketing communications department of a corporation.

Our purpose of writing this weekly advice column, Dear Mentor:, is to offer advice and guidance on Education and Careers. Unfortunately, we do not recommend any services or offer personal contacts, as a matter of policy and practice.

You would have to search through the employment ads in the local newspapers or visit jobsites on the Web such as those listed in the Jobsite Links of the iMahal Careers Channel. If your question refers to the opportunities in the US, the idea is the same since most employment classifieds in US newspapers are available on the Web. There is however one key difference. You need authorization to enter the US as a temporary worker. The minimum qualification is a Bachelor's degree. You must secure a job with a US employer who is willing to sponsor you for the H1-B visa (temporary worker visa).

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