Dear Mentor:

Should I do a dual MS/MBA program?

Thanks for the info: Should I take both the GRE and the GMAT? To take this a step further - Can you please shed your views as to if this path is advisable, leaving apart the consideration of 1 extra year, cost of tuition and delayed earnings? We have found very few colleges which offers such a program. Can you suggest a site for top 50 colleges which offer dual degrees?

Master of 2 Continues, India

Dear Master of 2 Continues:

In this case, we were able to connect your question to your earlier question - just a coincidence! Otherwise, your question would have been rather meaningless. So please, do send self-contained questions, or provide appropriate reference to the continuing dialog with us, or else we can not respond effectively.

Whether a dual degree program for MS in engineering and MBA is advisable depends on the definition of "advisable." Some people do dual degrees and others don't. This does not mean that some are right and others are not. Some felt that it was "advisable" and others felt that it was not. Education is a means to an end and not an end unto itself, as we have pointed out many times in the past. Your interests and ambitions should determine whether this path is advisable for you. We are in no position to comment on that.

An engineering and business background is a powerful combination in the marketplace. Most students enter MS in engineering immediately after completing the BS program, but top MBA schools in the US require 3-5 years of work experience prior to admission. As a result, even those with engineering and MBA backgrounds, have typically not taken the dual degree path.

We do not rate colleges. We do offer sources that conduct college rankings in the iMahal College Rankings Section. These sources typically rank a school for either a specific program or for overall standing. You are likely not to find rankings for dual degree programs.

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