Dear Mentor:

Should I take both the GRE and the GMAT?

When questions or confusion arises - you will see me remembering you for some sound advice and suggestion as you have given in past. Thanks for everything. I am a student of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering from India. I am planning to pursue further education in the USA after my Bachelor's degree. What are the prerequisites for pursuing a dual Master's degree program for an MS + MBA combination? What would be the approximate duration of such graduate program? Do I need to appear for both GRE and GMAT both for this move?

Master of Two, India

Dear Master of Two:

We thank you for your kind comments. It seems that we have answered your question(s) in the past. We are happy to learn that you found our response valuable.

The requirements for a dual degree program are as if you were applying to the two programs separately. You require a bachelor's degree in engineering and the standardized entrance exam GRE (Graduate Record Exam). For an MBA, you require a bachelor's degree and a minimum of 4-year college/university education in any discipline and the standardized entrance exam GMAT (Graduate Management Aptitude Test). So the answer is yes to the requirement of both GRE and GMAT. If you were to do these programs separately, it would take 4 years since each program is 2 years in duration. Under the dual degree arrangement, you can finish the program in 3 years, saving you one year.

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