Dear Mentor:

Could you connect me with MBA students?

I am an Indian residing in Bombay. I intend to do my GMAT so I would like to have the email addresses of Indian students doing management courses out there. Please reply to me. I need information regarding management courses out there. Thanking you and please reply soon.

Excited About MBA, Bombay, India

Dear Excited About MBA:

We can offer you some helpful information here, but let us first address the issue of email addresses of management students. We know numerous management students in the US and elsewhere. Many have in fact signed up for our free iMahal Email. It is unethical, if not illegal, to divulge private information of any of our audience, whether publicly or privately, to you or to anyone else. We would strongly encourage you to read the iMahal Privacy Policy. We are committed to maintaining the privacy of all our users.

Does this mean you can not get the information you need or want? Does this mean you can not communicate with management students? Not at all! Does this mean that the process of contacting management students may not be as straightforward as you think? Perhaps, but not necessarily. There are many ways this can be accomplished.

You can write to us with your specific questions and we shall try to answer them. As you may know, all three founders of iMahal have at least one advanced degree in management. So, we might be able to address your questions adequately.

Alternatively, you can post your questions in the iMahal Discussion Forums. It is a place where people help one another.

We have a list of Student Associations, including Indian Students Associations, and Alumni Associations. You can go to their websites and find information on how to contact them.

We have resources for Entrance Exams, including GMAT. You can also find a list of Business Colleges and Universities in the US.

Happy intercontinental communication!

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