Mahal Resources on Education in the USA

Useful links on Students Associations in the USA

  1. Conference on Student Government Associations - annual conference
  2. National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH) - The Students' Voice in the Residence Halls
  3. National Association of Engineering Student Councils, Inc.
  4. National Residence Hall Honorary - The Top One Percent in college residence halls.
  5. Phi Beta Lambda - "Future Business Leaders of America." Resources, careers progression, links and more.
  6. RUDICON, Western New York Gaming Convention - We run a gaming convention in October which attracts gamers from the Northeast region and beyond. Run by the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Rochester Wargamers Association and Guild (RWAG).
  7. Utah Intercollegiate Association - A means for collegiate input to the legislative process of Utah.


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