iMahal Interview Series: Rahul Roy
August 22, 2002

iMahal:  You are a strong proponent of having more Indian Americans involved in American politics. How do you think this is progressing?

Al Gore - Vice President
Al Gore - Vice President

Roy:  Most Indians don't want to serve in political offices because they can't make enough money doing that. The second-generation Indian Americans may be more involved. I hope so. I have helped to raise funds to help kids get involved. Indians are stingy, except for family. This needs to change. They need to expand their giving of themselves and their money to the society in which live. I think that if you meet complainers, you should correct them and help them to be better citizens.

We all need to avoid having a victimized ethnicity, including the Indian people. So part of the need for more Indians in politics here is to help educate Americans about Indians, about Hindu people and their culture, about Muslim people and their culture.

I hope Indians will become more involved politically. It took a long time in Great Britain. I think it is happening faster here in the US. The second generation of Indian Americans is witnessing the success of its parents. They are likely to be more willing to participate more in the society that has made this possible. I like to tell them, "I am not here just to use this country. It is my adopted country, and I am here to improve it." Maybe they will come to feel the same way. I hope so.

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