iMahal Interview Series:
Olivia Hussey
January 20, 2001

Olivia Hussey iMahal: In our interviews at iMahal, we like to focus on "success" in whatever form it takes for the people we interview. You achieved rather astounding success as a very young actress. When you were a little girl studying acting in London, is it something you dreamed about really happening?
Olivia: I wanted to act since I was four. I remember always playing dress up and pretending to be all these different wonderful characters. As I got a little older I did whatever I could to get into drama school. From there I started taking part in song & dance and various school productions. It was out of the sheer love of the craft that I did it. Also being accepted and gaining approval was a big factor, although at that age I don't think that was a conscious motivation. Ultimate success as we know it was never my reason nor goal.
Juliet iMahal: Life for someone who achieves significant success very early in life can be difficult, even a let-down. How have you coped?
Olivia: I think the way I have coped or the way any of us cope is to try to stay in the moment. In my situation that meant not comparing myself to others, and not worrying about living up to the expectations or opinions of other people in the business. Yes I did accomplish quite a bit at a very young age, which in retrospect has made my life a bit hard to live up to. Obviously roles such as Juliet or Mary don't come around that often merely for the fact they don't exist! So to follow them up is tough. So I try to just take my life a moment at a time. Otherwise I would go mad!!
iMahal: Besides Romeo and Juliet, what other movies changed your life? How did these experiences change your views and aspirations about being a successful actress?
Olivia: No movie has ever changed my views. They have changed my day to day circumstances. Really success has never been determined by what I do or did as an actress. My inner peace with myself is what I determine as success. Just growing into my own feet gracefully is success for me!



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