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Letters Home

Nitin AhujaNitin Ahuja arrived in the US from India in August, 2000 to pursue a Masterís degree in Computer and Information Sciences at the University of Florida. This trip to Florida for a graduate degree is his first visit to the US, or to any country outside of India for that matter.

Nitin is a 22 year old native of NOIDA, India. He has excelled in school and in the workplace. He finished his Bachelorís degree in Electrical Engineering with honors, ranking first in his class, from Harayana State University. He has a wide variety of management and technical skills and an interest and flair for writing. Nitin has worked with leading software firms in India, both as an employee and a freelance IT consultant. His interests include writing, learning through travel, playing on the web and contributing content, and of course partying. He hopes to someday start a hi-tech business of his own.

 Letters Home:

  Letter 1 - Journey to the US
  Letter 2 - Orientation and Settling Down
  Letter 3 - College Begins
  Letter 4 - Socializing
  Letter 5 - Trip to the Beach
  Letter 6 - How to Buy Things
  Letter 7 - Planning a Career
  Letter 8 - America is Cool
  Letter 9 - First Grades, First Party
  Letter 10 - Working and Cooking
  Letter 11 - Surprising Mail
  Letter 12 - Driving a Car
  Letter 13 - Elections & Homecoming
  Letter 14 - Thanksgiving
  Letter 15 - Celebrations
  Letter 16 - End of Semester
  Letter 17 - Approaching Christmas
  Letter 18 - Winter Break

  Letter 19 - Back From Vacation

Note to Readers: Through this weekly column, The Letters Home by Nitin Ahuja, Nitin shares his experiences, impressions, learnings and emotions of a recent arrival in the US. Being an international student, visiting a country so very different from India, we learn about his excitement and joys, and of course his challenges. Through this column and a Discussion Forum moderated by Nitin, we at iMahal bring to you the insights of life from the East and the West, as experienced by real people.

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