Studying in America and Canada

Question: I would like to know if a student can continue his studies for a bachelor's degree in Canada after 4-5 years of work experience, and how a student can show that he has bindings with his residence country after completion of his studies.

Answer: Working before going to college is not uncommon in countries like Canada and the US. The fact that you have worked for a number of years is not an obstacle to pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Canada. As usual, your admission would be based on your past academic performance, the TOEFL (Test of English as A Foreign Language - a standardized entrance exam) score, and letters of recommendations.

As you are probably aware, your prospective school would issue necessary documentation for a student visa at the time of offering you admission. You must take this documentation, along with other necessary paperwork such as proof of finances, to the Canadian immigration authorities in India at the Canadian High Commission or nearest Canadian Consulate. During this process, the Canadian immigration authorities want to ensure among other things, such as adequate financing, that you would return to India upon completion of your studies.

There is no particular or formulaic way to show your "bindings" to India, as a result of which you would return to India. Your family ties in India are one clear demonstration of your bindings to India. Our suggestion is to just be consistent and sincere in your answers - whether through paperwork or through the interview process - to the Canadian immigration authorities. You must stick to the line that you intend to return to India upon the completion of your studies. There is no particular evidence you can offer as a guarantee or proof. However, the Canadian officials may request additional evidence, in the form they deem appropriate. The Canadian officials would determine, based on all the information they have collected, whether you really mean what you say.

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