Studying in America and Canada

Question: I seek a visa that will allow me to go to a college in the USA. I just need you to tell me what I need to get the visa.

Answer: The US visa is granted to an individual for a specific purpose. To get the visa, you must demonstrate the proof of purpose. In your case, it would be for studies as an International or Foreign student in the US. This requires an admission offer from a recognized college or university in the US. You also must be able to demonstrate your financial ability to sustain yourself through school. Virtually no financial aid is available to International students for undergraduate [Bachelor's level] studies. Financial requirements would range from $15,000 to $40,000 per year depending on your program.

By the way, you do not get the visa first and then figure out where you want to study in the US and in which program. You must apply and get an offer of admission, before you can apply for the student visa. The student visa is then granted by the US consulate officials for a particular program of studies at a specific college.

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