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6.4.2 Application Process

This section explains how an application is made, how long it will usually take and how it will be processed by the visa office.

When should I apply?

The time required to process an application to study in Canada may vary at different visa offices. You should apply as early as possible, and allow at least six months to plan and prepare for your move.

Note: Canadian universities suggest you apply for admission at least one year in advance of your planned arrival.

How do I apply for a student authorization?

Complete the application form, and include the fee and the documents listed below. To complete your application you will need to know the cost of your education including tuition, fees, books, medical insurance, return transportation costs, and living costs for yourself and any dependents while in Canada. Living costs vary in each province.

Will I need to attend an interview?

After reviewing your application, a visa officer will decide if an interview is necessary.

If so, the visa officer will inform you of the time and place.

Will I or my accompanying dependents need a medical examination?

In some cases you will require a medical examination. A visa officer will decide on this and send instructions if a medical is required. It may add over three months to the processing of your application.

What happens if I make a mistake on my application?

Your application may be delayed or returned to you unprocessed.

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