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Question: I want to pursue an MS in Computers from Canada or Ameica. I did BSc [Bachelor of Science] Computers and have 1+ years of experience in IT as a programmer. Are GRE and TOEFL necessary for getting admission? If not, please tell me the colleges that don't ask for any scores.

Answer: First of all, you do not likely have the requisite academic qualifications. Schools in Canada and America for a Master's program require a Bachelor's degree that is equivalent to a Canadian or American Baccalaureate degree. The Bachelor's degree in Canada and America is a 4-year program; that is, it is one year longer than a typical BSc program in India. Therefore, you would need at least the first year of a Master's degree from India to fulfill the academic requirements for entry.

A Master's in Computers, as you put it, comes in two flavors: Computer Science and Engineering. Most colleges with any meaningful reputation would require you to take the GRE (Graduate Record Exam, a standardized entrance exam). Schools use the GRE to ensure that you have the requisite knowledge and skills for a graduate (Master's or Doctoral) program. You may not be required to take the TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language, a standardized exam), since the GRE effectively tests English language abilities. Admission requirements vary across schools.

We understand that you are looking for an easy entry, one that requires no hard work on your part, such as taking the GRE and/or TOEFL. We do not encourage a laid-back approach to higher education. Schools with little to no entrance requirements are not likely to be of great reputation and would have virtually no money to offer you in the form of financial assistance. If you must pursue this path, we suggest that you conduct your own research on schools through the sources listed above.

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