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Interviews Example:  Bad Bart

This example interview shows what you should never do in an interview. Bart is bad. Really, really bad. If you make only one of his mistakes, your chances of getting the next interview are next to nothing.

(Bart arrives five minutes late, dressed in tattered jeans. He exhales some smoke and throws the last of a cigarette into a nearby wastebasket.)
Interviewer: Are you Bart?
Bart: Yeah. Sorry I'm late, but the directions your secretary gave me were really messed up.
(Interviewer stands to shake his hand as Bart slouches into his chair, reaches up, and gives a limp handshake without looking at Interviewer.)
Bart: So -- you guys are?...
Interviewer: Gateway. I am Robert Miller, a director of marketing.
Bart: Oh. Okay. And you guys make?...
Interviwer: Computers.
Bart: Oh. Yeah.
(Interviewer sits and there is a brief silence. Bart waits for a question.)
Interviewer: Well, why don't we begin..
(Bart interrupts.)
Bart: I need to make at least $50,000. This job has got to pay at least that much.
Interviewer: I understand. Why don't we talk a bit before discussing salary. Tell me about yourself.
(Bart frowns and appears confused.)
Bart: I sent you my resume, didn't I?
(Interviewer nods and holds up the resume.)
Interviewer: What are you looking for in a position at Gateway?
Bart: I'm looking for a position that pays me enough money to support my lifestyle. I'm a hard worker, so it'll be easy for me to earn the money I need.
Interviewer: I see. Let me ask you another question. We all have weaknesses. Could you describe one of yours?
Bart: Well, I don't know about you, but I don't think I have that many. Though I suppose I do have one character flaw. I get annoyed with my co-workers when they whine about everything.
(Bart looks at his watch.)
Interviewer: Where do you see yourself in 5 years within the company?
Bart: Well, Bob, I suppose I would want to at least have your job by then.
Interviewer: Are you willing to relocate?
Bart: Normally I would, but I hear your headquarters are located in the middle of nowhere.
(Interviewer takes a moment to look over Bart's resume.)
Bart: So, how am I doing? Are you going to offer me a job?
Interviewer: We are interviewing many candidates today. Decisions about job offers are made at a later date. Do you have any questions for me?
Bart: No.

* * *

Please Note: This horrendous interview example is a composite of all the worst things we have experienced in the job interview. That's right -- every one of them actually happened. Please learn from this, and don't make any of these mistakes. To most interviewers, they are not just mistakes: they are rude and insulting behaviors.

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