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Interviews: Top 5 Blunders

  1. Negativity
    "That job was awful. I was so glad to leave that company. Nothing but idiots." Interviewers will wonder about your self control.
  2. Repetition
    "As I stated earlier, I have more than 5 years of experience in ..." The interviewer will be bored and will wonder why you have so little to say about yourself.
  3. Rambling
    "blah blah this ... blah blah that ... let me tell you ..." Keep it brief. Otherwise, the interviewer may not get to ask you all the necessary questions.
  4. Presupposing
    "You wouldn't have invited me here if you didn't think I was a suitable candidate." Don't think aloud for the interviewer. They hate that.
  5. Deflection
    "Well, what salary are the other applicants asking for?" Don't answer a question with another question. They hate that, too.

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