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iMahal Quantifies Why Monster and HotJobs are the Top Jobsites on the Web

FOSTER CITY, Calif.--September 26, 2000   iMahal (, a portal specializing in Success and Learning, unveiled the premier issue of its proprietary iMahal Jobsite Ratings. iMahal Jobsite Ratings ( are based on several dimensions of user preference, determined through proprietary iMahal market research. Only two jobsites, and, scored the A rating. A vast majority of sites, such as,, and, scored the C rating or lower. In fact, nearly half the jobsites evaluated by iMahal scored the failing grades of D and F.

The proliferation of jobsites on the Web makes looking for a job so much easier than it used to be. Or does it? Some jobsites are really easy to use, but others are not. Some jobsites offer valuable opportunities, others do not. Some jobsites help you manage your job search, others do not.

Most jobsites use superlatives to describe their value to the job seeker. But how do you know it's true? You don't. So what's a user to do, other than to hop around on the Web and get frustrated?

The new authoritative answer: iMahal Jobsite Ratings!

    iMahal Ratings:
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Recognizing that "good" is in the eyes (or the use) of the beholder, iMahal conducted proprietary market research to understand the utility and preferences of job seekers. With this information, iMahal rates the jobsites on several dimensions, which are then combined to form an overall composite rating. iMahal research indicates that users value most the following key dimensions:

  • Job Listings: The quality and quantity of job listings
  • Search by Job Seekers: The quality of search capability, for job seekers to identify relevant listings
  • Search by Employers: The quality of search capability, for employers to identify job seekers
  • Applying for Jobs: The ease and flexibility of applying for jobs
  • Job Search Management: Support and services for managing the job search process
  • User Experience: The overall user experience

iMahal research also provided information on the weightings that jobsite users would assign to each key dimension above. These weightings were used to arrive at a composite, overall Rating. The range of variation in the assignment of weights for various dimensions, among the users, indicates that the overall composite rating alone, while being useful for guidance, may not address the user preferences adequately. For example, some users prefer jobsites with the highest quantity of job listings, while another group of users prefer jobsites with superior user interface and ease of navigation.

For more details on the proprietary iMahal Jobsite Ratings methodology, visit:

After a thorough analysis of dozens of jobsites, iMahal has concluded that the state of the industry is rather disappointing, though not surprising. A vast majority of jobsites performed miserably. Only a handful of sites are adequate-to-good for the user. And almost no jobsite offers meaningful job search management tools and support, an area that is highly valued by the user and neglected by the jobsites across the board.

For detailed iMahal Jobsite Ratings, visit:

About iMahal
iMahal, the portal for Success and Learning, stands out for its unique focus on education and careers.

iMahal offers:

  • The largest, most comprehensive and proprietary education resource on the Web, providing coverage for the USA, Canada, the UK, and India
  • A comprehensive career development resource, including the proprietary and authoritative iMahal Jobsite Ratings
  • And, such powerful features as up-to-the-minute news in 250+ categories, free email, interviews with successful individuals around the world, advice column on education and careers, Web directories, Web search, discussion forums, and so on.

iMahal complements these services of universal appeal with another powerful dimension: that of being India-centric. Specialized targeted services, such as the largest, proprietary India-centric Web directory, are offered to over 1 billion Indians around the world.

Unlike other look-alike portals, iMahal was designed from the ground up to be both beautiful and easy to use. iMahal has a rather distinguished, uncluttered look & feel - projecting an elegant blend of the East and the West. Navigation around the iMahal portal is rather impressive as well. The user is always one click away from wherever the user wants to be.

All in all, iMahal is a unique portal: for its focus, its content, its look & feel, and its navigation.

For more information visit:

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