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In this advice column, a group of iMahal advisors have answered more than 500 questions on college education and early stages of a career. Please note that opinions expressed in Dear Mentor columns are not necessarily those of iMahal.


Here we provide information and resources for education. Topics include Preparing for College, Colleges and Universities by country (India, Canada, USA and UK) and by discipline (Business, Computer Science, Engineering, Law and Medicine), Entrance Exams for various programs, Financial Aid, Immigration & Visa Requirements, Indian Students Associations, Student Associations, and Alumni Associations.


To help manage your job search, we offer practical tips with examples. In just a few minutes you will be well on your way towards preparing a polished resume, writing compelling cover letters, feeling confident for interviews, and conducting negotiations so that you can reach the most beneficial arrangement with your prospective employer.


iMahal brings interviews with individuals whose lives and personal experiences are inspiring. These successful individuals -- entrepreneurs, executives, academicians, and others - share with iMahal their varied experiences, insights and lessons learned. Please note that opinions expressed in iMahal Interviews are not necessarily those of iMahal.


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