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iMahal to Launch A Community Service Focused on Education and Careers

FOSTER CITY, Calif.--May 12, 2000   iMahal announced today that it will soon launch a new web service A trial for the service was launched today. is an India-centric community website. The website focuses on education and career, and provides a venue as well as a medium for the community to exchange ideas and learn. The singular premise of iMahal is that we can all learn from others. Although iMahal is India-centric, this learning and networking community will be intriguing for anyone who is a student of life, whether successful already, or in the midst of striving to realize their dreams.

One of the many aspects of this virtual community is iMahal Interviews. The interviews are conducted with accomplished and respected individuals whose lives and personal experiences are inspiring. These successful individuals - entrepreneurs, executives, academicians, and others - share with iMahal their varied experiences, insights, and lessons learned on their path to success.

"Success has many destinations, and there are many paths to success," says Lokesh Datta, CEO & President of iMahal. He continues, "Wouldn't you like to learn how others achieved success and gain insight into their paths to success? Wouldn't you like to hear - directly from them - about their resourcefulness, their decision-making process and dedication, as well as the challenges they faced in the pursuit of their ambitious goals and dreams?" iMahal offers its community the opportunity to communicate with the interviewees as well as network with other members of the community.

About iMahal
iMahal stands out for its unique focus on education and careers.

iMahal offers a comprehensive education resource on the Web, providing coverage for the USA, Canada, UK, and India; and advice column on education and careers; career development resources; and interviews with successful individuals around the world.

iMahal complements these services of universal appeal with another powerful dimension: that of being India-centric. Specialized targeted services, such as the largest, proprietary India-centric web directory, are offered to over 1 billion Indians around the world.

iMahal was designed from the ground up to be both beautiful and easy to use. iMahal has a distinguished, uncluttered look & feel - projecting an elegant blend of the East and West. Navigation around the iMahal portal is impressive as well. The user is almost always one click away from wherever the user wants to be.

All in all, iMahal is a unique eucational resource: for its focus, its content, its look & feel, and its navigation.

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