Search Choices

1. iMahal
This will search through the iMahal website. Forgot where that one special Dear Mentor: column is? No problem! Just enter a unique search phrase and you will find it. All iMahal services are included: education, careers, dear mentor, interviews, and many more!

2. Directory
This will search just within the largest India-centric directory on the Web. If you are looking for a website and it's India-related or of interest to Indians, chances are you will find it here.

3. The Web
When all else fails, ask for the world! If your search phrase is on a website somewhere on the planet, you will find that website here. Powered by Google, the Web search plows through the many millions of websites online today, and gives you the results in just seconds.

Search Tips

1. Use Any, All, or Exact to limit your search.
Consider what would happen if you typed "elegant website" in the box above. Using the Any option will return all pages that contain either "elegant" or "website". Using the All option will return all pages that contain both "elegant" and "website". Using the Exact modifier will return only those pages that contain "elegant website" as an exact phrase.

2. Use more words for better results
Because there are millions of pages on the Web, typing one keyword usually returns too many results to be useful. Try to narrow your search by adding keywords. The more precise your search, the better your results will be.

3. Avoid generic keywords.
While typing several keywords is a good way to get relevant results, you can get better results by avoiding keywords that are generic. Examples of generic words are: college, sports, and city. You are more likely to find what you are looking for if you type words that are more specific, such as: IIT, cricket, and Mumbai.


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