Dear Mentor:

Will I have trouble with my H1 and a new port of entry?

Dear Mentor, I got my H1B Visa Stamped Last year due to family emergency i could not travel to US. Presently Employer is based out of Connecticut. I've planned to reach Dallas first and spend few days with my cousin (residing in Dallas) before reporting to work at Connecticut. Is it going to be a problem if Port of Entry is different from the Employers Location. Awaiting for your reply.

Changing Plans, India

Dear Changing Plans:

Typically, the port of entry is not a problem. At the port, you have to convince the immigration officer of your purpose and motive for the visit. Given the current environment, you may be adding complications to your entry by selecting a port of entry that is different from your destination.

Also, an H1 visa granted to you last year may no longer be valid. The employer can not typically wait for one year before you join the position. The job may not be available. Also, when your H1 petition was approved initially , it may have had certain restrictions or assumptions - such as, the position starts on or by a specific desired date - that may no longer be valid.

You have to be careful as to what you are doing, or you may be returned back to India from the port of entry.

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