Dear Mentor:

Can you give me study tips for taking the GRE?

I am in the final year of my engineering. I have slotted to take the GRE [Graduate Record Exam] in the month of September. I would join a coaching institute once the engineering is completed, I wish to entertain myself with some valuable tips so that I can make most of the time when I am in the college.

Doing the Best, Pauri, Uttaranchal, India

Dear Doing the Best:

We are afraid that we don't have anything particularly insightful to offer other than common sense.

Practice, practice, practice! That is the mantra for success on the GRE. You should familiarize yourself with the content and format of the GRE. Take practice exams. Work hard and do your best. The amount of effort required to do well varies across individuals; it depends on your current knowledge and skills. We would expect a minimum of 2-month full-time effort, or many more months or part-time effort, depending on your current abilities.

Walk down to a bookstore or a library and get yourself a GRE guidebook, and start working. There are many self-help books available. We do not recommend any products or services, as a matter of policy and practice.

One final suggestion: if you can, study with a friend who is at least as ambitious as you are. Learning is more effective and more fun when it can be the result of a shared effort.

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